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1968 ~ An Overview from the Log Book


The following 'overview' extracts from the School’s Log Books the following types of material:

  • That which directly affected the children and/or their parents (events, visits off site, visiting speakers, medical checks, services either in school or at St. Martin’s Ruislip, holidays, etc.)

  • Significant changes in staffing, in the main restricted to the Headteacher, the Deputy and those who had provided a long period of service.

  • Visitors that indirectly impacted on the management of the school and/or its educational practice – Local Authority Officers, Inspections, etc.

  • In-service courses undertaken by the Headteacher or other staff introducing significant educational initiatives.

  • Items that impacted on or resulted in changes to the School’s facilities.

Most entries in the Log Books have been lightly edited – expanding concise or abbreviated comments, etc.  Where entries have been copied without change, these are given in bold.  Editorial comments to ease comprehension or provide context are given in brackets and in italic.



Christmas Holiday: 21/12/1967 – 02/01/1968




Distribution of Forms AS2 to parents of children to be considered for selection to secondary school in July
(Part of the Secondary Transfer process, these were forms on which parents expressed their preference for their child’s secondary school. The forms would have been returned to school after Mr Jennings individual meetings with parents.)

16/01/1968 -

Interview parents of children who are being considered for selection to secondary schools in September.  Every parent attended.
(Mr Jennings held interviews with parents of children who would transfer to secondary schools in July 1968 to support the school allocation process.)


List of gradings sent to Education Office
(Administrative documents related to the secondary transfer process)


The doctor visited to carry out routine medical inspections


Classes 1 and 2 (Years 6 & 5) visited the Westminster Theatre


Forms AS2 sent to Office


Received scripts of Fourth Year Tests from Office
(The 11+ test papers)

31/01/1968 -

Fourth Year Tests completed.  All members of staff stay in the evenings to mark the completed scripts
(The selection tests for secondary school. In the 1960 Log Book entry – 15-17 November 1960 - these were noted as comprising English, Arithmetic and Verbal Reasoning.)


The doctor visited to carry out routine medical inspections


Miss Barllett, Borough Organiser (Adviser) for English, visited and spent the afternoon in Mrs Pocklington’s class.


Completed scripts of Fourth Year Tests sent to Education Office


A group of children from Class 4 visited the local library


The doctor visited to carry out routine medical inspections


Her Majesty’s Inspector, Miss Raymont, visited


Mrs Standley, Area Organiser for the Church of England Children’s Society visited and gave two talks, illustrated by slides, on the work of the society.
(This may have been linked to a fund raising activity for the charity.)


Mr Pimm, Assistant Architect, visited to discuss matters regarding the new school.
(By this time the new building on Southcote Rise was under construction)




Half Term: 17/02/1968 – 21/02/1968




The nurse visited in the morning to carry out sight testing


Headmaster attended selection panel meeting at education offices a.m.
(This probably related to considering borderline cases for Grammar Schools in the secondary selection process.)


Radio Rentals fitted television set.
(The school acquired its first television. Television was becoming a valuable teaching aid for the next forty years with educational material broadcast by both the BBC and the independent channels)


Headteacher attended selection panel meeting


An Ash Wednesday Service for the children was held in St Martin’s Church at the start of the morning.


The doctor visited to carry out routine medical inspections


Dental inspection


Headmaster attended Two Day course on ‘French in the Primary School’ at Field End Junior School
(The teaching of French had been introduced at BWI in January 1963, supported by Linguaphone records. The Nuffield Primary French Project was introduced on a national scale later in 1963.  It may be that this meeting in 1968 marked a move towards promoting the adoption of the Nuffield approach and materials.)


Open Evening for Parents 7 – 9:30 p.m.
(Teacher-parent interviews to discuss progress mid-year)


The doctor visited to carry out routine medical inspections


Dental inspection


Dental inspection continued


Miss Hills an applicant for the post of Deputy Head Teacher visited 9:30 a.m.
(Miss Hills was subsequently appointed and took over from Mrs Lemmings who retired at the end of the summer term.)




Easter Holiday: 11/04/1968 – 22/04/1968




Mr Gillan & Mrs Walker visit re furniture for the new school.
(In the allocation of responsibilities for Aided Schools, though the Diocese was required to fund the new building, its furnishing was a Local Authority cost.)


Miss Bartlett, Borough Organiser (Adviser) for English visited


School takes part in ‘six a side’ football at Deanesfield Junior School


The Headmaster gave a talk to the (St Martin’s Church) Mothers’ Union on ‘Education in the Primary School’ in the afternoon


Collection aid of the Red Cross


Children from Class 1 (Year 6) visit the American School to take part in friendly ‘quiz’ in the afternoon.
(The American School was in Ickenham on the US Air Force base.  The building remained after the redevelopment of the whole site for residential housing and is now used by Pentland Field School, part of the Eden Academy.)


School closed for Borough Election


Representative of International Help for Children visited
(Probably in relation to a fundraising event)


End of Year examinations commence
(Internal end-of-year progress tests)


The audiometrician visited to test children’s hearing


The Wembley Police Team gave a Road Safety demonstrations


Meeting of the Parents’ Association. Mrs Lemmings, Mrs Fordie & Miss Hall discuss changes in education they have noted in their service Headmaster as Chairman.



(This continues the practice in the preceding few years of closing the school for both the Thursday and the Friday.)




Whitsuntide Holiday: 01/06/1968 – 10/06/1968




Class 6 (probably Year 3) taken to the Natural History Museum


Classes 1 and 2 visit London Air Port
(A visit to what is now Heathrow Airport.  At this date air travel would have been out of the experience of most if not all the children.)


Special service held for World Children’s Day
(A regular feature of the school’s calendar at this time.)


Vicar & Headmaster visit new site – building of new school up to schedule
(Mr Jennings and the Managers were expecting the school to move into the new premises from the start of the autumn term.)


Parents invited to Folk Dance evening.  Children from all classes took part


Mr Skaw, (?) Photographer visited
(This was presumably for individual photographs.)


Mr Gillan visited re removal of books, furniture to new school.


Reports sent to parents


Open evening for parents 7 – 10 p.m.
(Teacher-parent interviews to discuss progress)


Inter schools sports on Kings College Playing Fields p.m. school won the cup for mixed relay team.


Miss Hills, newly appointed Deputy Head visited at the end of the afternoon.


Children in Class 2 who will be leaving held party after school.


Class 1 visit Runneymede and have their party – all children leaving this term.


Meeting of parents of school 8 p.m. Presentation to Mrs Lemmings.  
Tea Maid & cheque


Staff & Managers hold Closing Party at this school.
Presentation to Mrs Lemmings on her retirement after 30 years service in the school.  Presentation of 3 string pearls and cheque


This is the last day of occupation of this school.


An end of year service for the children attend service in St Martin’s Church
(Part of the Vicar’s address during this service, in which he talked about the move to the Southcote Rise, is included in Mr Tanner’s film which can be accessed through the ‘Move to Southcote Rise’ page.)


In the afternoon the children presented Mrs Lemmings with stainless steel tea service.




Summer Holiday: 20/07/1968 - 09/09/1968




School reopens in new premises in Southcote Rise, Ruislip
Accommodation consists of three infant classes and six junior classes

(Mr Jennings provided the following list of teaching staff at the start of the autumn term:)
Mr RH Jennings – Headmaster
Miss P. Hills – Deputy
Mr C Wilson
Mrs M. Fordie
Miss M. Hall – Head of Infant Dept
Mr J. Cottrell
Mrs B Battersby
Mrs J Pocklington
Mrs N Harmer
Mrs   Mortimore
Miss  Steel


First meeting of Managers in the New School

(Each person present then signed the Log Book, not all of these are currently correctly transcribed:)
Christopher Byron – Vicar & Chairman
Clifford Littler
N.R. Pocklington
Ian (?)
Margaret Roche, Correspondent

E (?) Pimm (? This may be the assistant architect)


School settled down to work by 9:15 a.m.
All children delighted with the new school
Mr Tanner took photographs to include in his film
Vicar visited and went round the classrooms
(This first day was captured on film by Mr Tanner and can be viewed through the ‘Move to Southcote Rise’ page.)


Mr N Haines, Architect of the school visited


Mr Pimm, assistant Architect visited to discuss matters still needing attention


Mr P Grey, Organiser (Adviser) for Physical Education visited and gave a demonstration lesson in the hall using the new P.E. apparatus.
(It seems likely that with the new and significantly larger premises, and a hall not also used as a teaching space, it was possible to develop the teaching of P.E. in the school.  However, staff would have needed support in devising appropriate lessons and in using equipment with which most of them would have been unfamiliar, Mr Grey therefore paid a number of visits during these early months in the new building.)


Mr Humphries, Headmaster of Whiteheath School visited & was conducted round the school.
(The first of many interested colleagues to visit.)


Miss C A Pratt, BCO (Borough Chief Officer) and Mr Gibbs visited and saw the school in action


Representative from Squires of Ealing visited to check Transistor (a radio is probably implied here) and Record Players
Miss D Christian, School Manager visited


Mr P Grey PE Organiser again visited to give demonstration lessons
All teachers have now seen such a lesson.


All parents invited to visit the school and look around 7 p.m.


Mr Pimm, Assistant Architect visited re furnishings in library area


Miss P. Hills visited the Borough Library in the morning


Miss Gawthorpe, Organiser (Adviser) for Domestic Science visited


Mr C Littler, School Manager visited and toured the classes


Mr Chislyn, Headmaster of Heathrow Primary School visited.


Mr Pimm, Assistant Architect visited. 
Matters for discussion:- Library furniture, Outside Drinking Fountains, Marking of Playgrounds, Netball Posts.  Extra Peg Board in classrooms.


Members of the Wembley Police Team dealing with ‘Safety’ visited and gave demonstrations in the hall in the afternoon


Mr Humphries, Headmaster of Whiteheath visited


Mr Gillan & Miss J Walker – Officers in the Borough Education Department – visited to discuss furniture & equipment


Mr Gillan, Education Office
Miss D Lockett, Headmistress, Deanesfield Infants /
and Mrs Taylor, Headmistress, William Park Junior School visited to look at furniture in the Infant Department.


Fr D Grant, Assistant Priest presented with desk lamp on the occasion of his leaving Ruislip to take up position as Chaplain to the Bishop of Chichester.




Half Term Holiday: 20/10/2968 – 03/11/1968




Miss Hall visits Hermitage.  Open Plan school
(The new BWI school building was designed to enable it to function as an ‘Open Plan’ school; one where children could move freely between various teaching areas.  In the event the divisions between classrooms were filled, albeit in many cases with partitions that included interconnecting doors.)


Holy Communion celebrated in school 9:15 a.m.
(This was the first Communion service in the new building.  The distance between the school and St Martin’s was now significantly greater.)


Wine & Cheese Party organised by the Parents’ Association 7:30 p.m.


Mr N Pocklington, School Manager, visited


Fr King member of the London Diocesan Board of Education visited


Rehearsal for the Service of Dedication to be held on Saturday 16th


Fr Woodhouse visited to discuss Service of Dedication.  He is deputising for the vicar who is ill.


Dedication of the school by the Rt Rev and Rt Hon the Lord Bishop of London 3 p.m.
(Film taken of parts of this occasion were included by Mr Tanner in his record of the building of the new school.  Both a link to this film and The Order of Service for the Dedication Service is included on the ‘Move to Southcote Rise’ page.)


Class 4 visit the London Museum


Classes 1 & 2 visited the Mermaid Theatre to see a Science based presentation on sound.


The annual Martinmas Fair to raise funds for St Martin’s Church, was held in the new school building.


Commence collection of toys in aid of the International Help for Children
(This has been a regular event over the previous few years)


Little Marionette Theatre production in school in the afternoon


Parents invited to see the Infants’ Nativity Play 2.30 p.m.
(This is the first record of the annual Infants’ Nativity; previously the children had attended St Martin’s Church for a carol service.)


Infants produced Nativity Play for children in the Junior Dept.


Classes 3, 4 & 5 produce plays
(The traditional plays produced by each Junior class and performed to the whole school.)


Classes 1, 2 & 6 produce plays
(The traditional plays produced by each Junior class and performed to the whole school.)


End of Term Carol Service in school 9:30 a.m.
Parents were invited


We said Goodbye to Fr Hyslop who had been doing duty for the Vicar




Christmas Holiday: 21/12/1968 – 07/01/1969



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