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1968 ~ The New School Building


There had always been problems with finding space for pupils in the school building on Eastcote Road.  Many solutions were proposed but eventually there was agreement and funding to provide a new building on Southcote Rise.  A local film maker, Alan R. Tanner, produced a record of the creation of the new school building, from the laying of the foundation stone on the 16th September 1967 to the formal opening by the Bishop of London on the 16th November 1968. 

Although we have been able to locate several other films made by Alan Tanner, including some for British Airways, we have no information about his relationship to the school other than that given on the film itself and a single comment made by Mr Jennings in the Log Book on 10th September 1968, the first day in the new building:  "School settled down to work by 9:15 a.m. All children delighted with the new school. Mr Tanner took photographs to include in his film. Vicar visited and went round the classrooms."  However, we are extremely grateful that the film was made, since it provides a fascinating historical record.

For the purposes of making the film available online we have divided it into two sections.

Part 1 - The Laying of the Foundation Stone, Building, 
Life in the Eastcote Road School.






Part 2 - Settling into the Southcote Road building, the Official Opening.



A copy of the Order of Service for the Official Opening
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First uploaded: 17 July 2016