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1971 ~ An Overview from the Log Book


The following 'overview' extracts from the School’s Log Books the following types of material:

  • That which directly affected the children and/or their parents (events, visits off site, visiting speakers, medical checks, services either in school or at St. Martin’s Ruislip, holidays, etc.)

  • Significant changes in staffing, in the main restricted to the Headteacher, the Deputy and those who had provided a long period of service.

  • Visitors that indirectly impacted on the management of the school and/or its educational practice – Local Authority Officers, Inspections, etc.

  • In-service courses undertaken by the Headteacher or other staff introducing significant educational initiatives.

  • Items that impacted on or resulted in changes to the School’s facilities.

Most entries in the Log Books have been lightly edited – expanding concise or abbreviated comments, etc.  Where entries have been copied without change, these are given in bold.  Editorial comments to ease comprehension or provide context are given in brackets and in italic.



Christmas Holiday: 19/12/1970 – 06/01/1971




Meeting of Head Teachers at Charville Inft School 2:30 pm. –
Discussion re selection procedure.
(The discussion may have been about proposed changes to the selection procedure - allowing parents to opt out of their child sitting the 11+ selection tests, especially if they felt they were unlikely to gain a grammar school place. See the entry for 18-21 January.)


Headmaster interviews parents of children due for selection for secondary schools.  As a result of these interviews 20 parents opted out of the selection procedure.
(Mr Jennings held interviews with parents of children who would transfer to secondary schools in July 1971 to support the school allocation process.)


Classes 2 & 3 presented plays to parents in the evening, preceded by music played by the Recorder Group


Fourth Year Tests
(The selection tests for secondary school, as identified in 1969 these comprised English, Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning.)


Class 3 visited the London Planetarium and the Victoria & Albert Museum


A dental inspection for all children


The school nurse visited to carry out vision tests


Meeting of Head Teachers with Chairmen of Panels dealing with selection procedure.  Held at Hermitage School 3 p.m.
(This probably related to considering borderline cases for Grammar Schools in the secondary selection process.)




Half Term Holiday: 20/02/1971 – 24/02/1971




Headmaster attended meetings of Panel considering selection of children for secondary schools. 
(This probably related to considering borderline cases for Grammar Schools in the secondary selection process.)


Reports sent to parents
(Mid-year written reports)


Open evening for parents and friends
(Notwithstanding the inclusion of the phrase ‘and friends’ these are probably Teacher-parent interviews to discuss progress mid-year)


The nurse visited to prepare for routine medical inspections


Meeting with parents of children who will be going to Glasbury-on-Wye in May.
(A preparation meeting for parents for the residential school journey for Year 6 in May.)


Dr Jennings visited for routine medical examinations


Managers Meeting 10.30 a.m. to choose Short List for post of Headmaster
(Mr Jennings had handed in his resignation and the Managers were now preparing to select his successor.)


Mothers versus Girls’ Net-ball Matches 2 p.m.
(Following the boys v fathers cricket matches of the previous two years, this was a similar event for the girls and their mothers.)


12 children attend at Uxbridge Central Hall for Violin & ‘Cello examinations
(Instrumental teaching had been introduced in October 1969.  This would be the first instrumental examinations for BWI pupils.)


Dr Jennings visited in the afternoon to carry out routine medical examinations


Class 1 visited local library in the afternoon


Meeting of Parents of children who will be going for a week’s education visit to Glasbury-on-Wye
(Mr Jennings made two entries for this meeting - 15 and 31 March – one probably in error.)


Headmaster attended meeting at Uxbridge of Central Panel dealing with borderline cases in selection for secondary education


Boys take part in Inter-Schools six-a-side football competition.


The Junior children visited St Martin’s Church for a service at the beginning of the morning.




Easter Holiday: 08/4/1971 – 25/04/1971




Yesterday 25 children from this school were confirmed by the Bishop of Willesden. 


At 4 p.m. the Managers interviewed Candidates for the post of Headmaster
Successful applicant was Mr D Knowles from Leeds.
(Mr Jennings entry marking the appointment of Dennis Knowles as his successor.)


The doctor visited to carry out routine medical examinations


The nurse visited to carry out vision testing


Mrs P. Toovey commenced as Part Time Supply Teacher for three mornings per weeks.
(Mrs Toovey, wife of the Vicar, began her long association with the school that was to continue until her retirement in the mid-1990s.)


During the week children have been bringing gifts for the May Fair.  All these were taken to the church hall in the afternoon.
(The annual St Martin’s fund raising Fair.)


55 children accompanied by Miss Hills, Miss Hall, Mrs Pocklington and Mr Cottrell go to Glasbury-on-Wye
(A residential school journey for children in Year 6.)


Other teachers help to raise £32 on the school stall at the May Fair.
(The teaching staff long continued to run a stall at the St Martin’s Fair, ‘other’ since four staff were taking part in the residential school trip.)


The School was closed for Ascension Day.  As usual the Junior children were expected to attend the service at St Martin’s Church at the start of the morning.


Fourth Year (Year 6) children & staff return from Glasbury




Whitsuntide Holdiay: 28/05/1971 – 06/06/1971




Police Road Safety Team give demonstration on the Junior playground in the afternoon.


Class 6 (Year 3) visit Little Venice & London Zoo.


Class 3 (Year 5) visit Hampton Court


The nurse visited to measure weight and height and carry out vision testing prior to routine medical examinations.


Dr Jennings visited to carry out routine medical examinations


Classes 4 & 5 visited the British Museum


Children of 4th Year (Year 6) show slides and tell parents, managers and friends of their visit to Glasbury-on-Wye.  A most successful evening


Yearly Reports sent to parents
(End of year written reports on children’s progress.)


Class 2 visited Woburn Abbey


Open evening for parents 6-9 p.m.
(Teacher-parent interviews to discuss progress)


Meeting of Managers, staff & personal friends of the Headmaster.  Presentation to the Headmaster on his retirement.
(The first of a series of ‘farewell’ events marking Mr Jennings’ retirement.)


Bishop of Willesden visited – conducted morning assembly and inspected the school


A sports day was held for Junior children in the afternoon


Cricket match between boys and fathers.
(The annual friendly match.)


Mr D Knowles, Headmaster designate, visited and together with Father Toovey, we discussed organisation for September. 


Children who had been learning to play Violin & ‘Cello gave a concert in the afternoon


Class 1 (Year 6) presented their French Plays in the afternoon


A party for children who were leaving school (Year 6) took place after school


Meeting of Parents at 8 p.m.
Presentation to Headmaster on his retirement.


Staff invited Mr & Mrs Jennings to meet them at 4:15 pm
– Presentation to Mr & Mrs Jennings.


Junior School attended service in St Martin’s church at 9:30 a.m.
This service was tape-recorded and / presented to Headmaster as a memento of his last school service.

11:30 a.m. Old scholars met to make presentation to Headmaster.

2 p.m. Children present Headmaster with typewriter, stainless steel spade & cheque


I Reginald Henry Jennings retire as Headmaster of this school after 14 years service.

(Mr Jennings last entry in the Log Book)




Summer Holiday: 24/07/1971 – 13/09/1971




I, Dennis Edward Knowles, commenced duties as Headmaster

(Mr Knowles first entry in the Log Book)


Her Majesty’s Inspector, Miss Rayment, visited the school in the afternoon
(This was presumably to introduce herself to the new Headmaster.)


Miss Gawthorpe (Pastoral Adviser) visited.


Bristol Consort Quartet gave a 40 minute concert to the 3rd and 4th Year Juniors (Years 5 and 6)


Toy Fayre 3:30 p.m. in school. £50+ raised.
(Mr Knowles introduced an annual Toy Fayre where children donated toys they no longer wanted or had outgrown; other children could then purchase these with the proceeds supporting various school activities.)




Half Term 21/10/1971 – 31/10/1971




10 Stockroom doors had been re-hung during ½ term.
(Mr Knowles made a habit of recording significant premises related works that took place over holiday periods.  It would seem that the stockrooms in each classroom opened in the wrong direction creating a potential safety issue.)


Open Evening for parents to meet teachers
(Prior to this, there is only one mention of an autumn term Teacher-Parent evening  - 22 October 1969 – where it was described as ‘a new venture and will be discussed at the next staff meeting’.  Mr Knowles clearly felt that these meetings early in the school year were important.)


Class 7 opening evening
(The occurrence of a separate evening for Class 7 suggests the class teacher had been unable to be present on the 10th possibly due to a significant prior engagement.)


The Junior children visited St Martin’s Church at the start of the morning for a service marking St Martin’s Day


2nd, 3rd & 4th Year (Junior, i.e. Years 4, 5 and 6) visited Winston Churchill Hall to see a programme of Ballets.


Miss Cunningham of the C of E Children’s Society gave a 20 min slide & talk to the Infants, followed by the Juniors.
(No doubt to introduce a charity fund raising event.  Mr Knowles strongly supported the children actively raising money for charities.)


Green Code Safety demonstration given by Police to the Infants.


Mr Coleman (School Manager) visited and toured the classes.


Mr Asquith (parent) visited in the afternoon and gave a slide-illustrated lecture to Classes 2 & 4 on Iceland.
(The choice of classes possibly reflects Mr Asquith having his children in these two classes.)


Notification from British Legion that our contribution from children as £10-60 plus the wreath from the staff.
(Money raised for the annual ‘poppy’ appeal.)


Mr Bunker (staffing) visited p.m.
(At this date although Managers made appointments to the school, the Local Education Authority was in firm control of the number and grading of staff that might be employed and when supply staff might be called upon.)


Infant Nativity in School Hall 6:30 p.m.  Very successful.  Over £10 silver collection.


Toys collected for International Help for Children
(This continued Mr Jennings’ initiative of previous years.)


Class 4 Party
(While an Infant Christmas party featured in previous years, this is the first mention of parties for the Juniors.  These were held as individual class parties and had to take place over several days.)


Junior Nativity dress rehearsal
(It seems that the practice of each Junior class producing a Christmas play had stopped in 1969 with the introduction of a Junior – Year 6 – play.  There was no record of a Junior Christmas play in 1970. In 1971 it seems that the Junior play  - involving Years 5 & 6 - was reintroduced.)


The Infant children had a Carol Service in St Martin’s Church at the end of the afternoon.


Classes 5 & 6 parties


Junior Nativity 7:30 – classes 1, 2, 3
(See above, 13 December)


Xmas Dinner
(Mr Knowles introduced as an annual event a Christmas lunch for staff to which School Managers and St Martin’s clergy were also invited.  The scope of this first event is not identified.)


Mr Wilson’s farewell lunch – 24 guests


Infants’ Party with Father Christmas


Classes 1, 2, 3 Parties


£30.50 sent to Church of England Children’s Homes – donations from Infant Carol Service, Infant Nativity & Junior Nativity.
(Mr Knowles was to record regularly the end of term donations to charities.)


A Carol Service was held for Junior children in the morning
(This was probably in school as a visit to St Martin’s Church is not mentioned.)


Mr C. Wilson retired after 18 years’ service




Christmas Holiday: 18/12/1971 – 04/01/1972



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