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1977 ~ Christmas Decorations - 1


Surviving photographs from 1977 show a superb range of wall displays
to mark the Christmas season.

Choirboys in the entrance lobby ....

...and carol singers in the hall

In the corridors, a Medieval Christmas Feast by Classes 4 & 6

... and a Tudor Feast by Class 5.



Working our way 

through the classrooms ...

Class 1 produced an impressive triptych 
illustrating an Edwardian ice skating party ...
(click on
a panel to open an enlargement)

Class 2, a Victorian Christmas (with drawing by Stephen Corsi)....

... while Class 3 marked the historic Fair on the frozen Thames in 1685.

Class 3 also had these two exciting murals:

Class 4 included some Stained Glass windows in their decorations: 


Christmas Decorations - 2


First uploaded: 30 March 2016