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1977 ~ The Pittsford Mustangs



On the 12 March an American youth football team - the Pittsford Mustangs 
based near Rochester, New York - arrived, staying with local 
Ruislip - Eastcote families.  
There was an official 'welcome' event on the 13th at the school. 
During their stay the 'Mustangs' played football, English style,
against local teams, playing BWI on the 14th.   
At the end of their stay, at a farewell event on the 25th, 
they presented an American Flag to BWI 
to thank the school for its hospitality.  
Mr Knowles would recall this event in assemblies in future years.


Mr Knowles, Mr Goulding and the boys with the flag

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Ruislip and Northwood Gazette, 7 April 1977

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