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1977 ~ An Overview from the Log Book


The following 'overview' extracts from the School’s Log Books the following types of material:

  • That which directly affected the children and/or their parents (events, visits off site, visiting speakers, medical checks, services either in school or at St. Martin’s Ruislip, holidays, etc.)

  • Significant changes in staffing, in the main restricted to the Headteacher, the Deputy and those who had provided a long period of service.

  • Visitors that indirectly impacted on the management of the school and/or its educational practice – Local Authority Officers, Inspections, etc.

  • In-service courses undertaken by the Headteacher or other staff introducing significant educational initiatives.

  • Items that impacted on or resulted in changes to the School’s facilities.

Most entries in the Log Books have been lightly edited – expanding concise or abbreviated comments, etc.  Where entries have been copied without change, these are given in bold.  Editorial comments to ease comprehension or provide context are given in brackets and in italic.



Christmas Holiday: 18/12/1976 – 05/01/1977




Mrs Prior Jones and Mrs Jolynon commenced duties in Classes 7 and 6.


Epiphany Mass in school hall at the start of the morning
(Probably Junior children only)


An evening meeting for parents of 4th Year Junior children (Year 6) concerning secondary allocation. Mr Knowles, Mr Cule (Head teacher of Bishop Ramsey CE Secondary School) Fr Toovey, together with the Chair of Governors of Bishop Ramsey) present.
(The 1977 secondary admission was the first Comprehensive intake. Eleven Plus tests ceased and parents needed the new options for Secondary education outlining.  BWI, a church school, would have a clear preference for children transferring to Bishop Ramsey, however there were strict admissions criteria relating to regular family attendance at church over time.)


Head inspection of whole school – all clear.
(Hair check for potential nit/ louse infestation)


Interviews held with Fourth Year (Year 6) parents in the afternoon
(Mr Knowles held interviews with parents of children who would transfer to secondary schools in July 1977 to support the school allocation process.)


Interviews held with Fourth Year (Year 6) parents in the evening
(Mr Knowles held interviews with parents of children who would transfer to secondary schools in July 1976 to support the school allocation process.)


Head inspection of Class 3 – all clean


Mr Pymm in school to see roof
(Mr Pymm, sometimes spelt ‘Pimm’, was part of the original architects’ team that designed the school and was usually involved in subsequent ongoing works.)


The audiometrician visited to test the hearing of children born in 1967-68 (Year 4) and 1970-71 (Year 1)


String ensemble for Classes 1, 2, 3, 4
(For Years 4, 5 & 6, probably provided by members of the Borough’s peripatetic music staff.)


Head took AS2 forms to Civic Centre
(Administrative forms on which parents have identified their secondary school preferences.)


Mrs Pocklington absent visiting borough mountain centre in Wales
(Hillingdon purchased a property in the Snowdonia National Park, Cwm Pennant, in 1965 for schools to access as a centre for ‘outdoor activities’. The Borough sold the property in 2007.  It is now run as an independent hostel. The school did not use the centre.)


Parents’ Association ‘Cheese & Wine’ informal social event


Fire Drill, the school was evacuated in 55 seconds.


Dental inspection of school




Half Term Holiday: 19/02/1977 -




Lent service for Infant children (in school) at the start of the morning, 80 parents also attended.


Meeting of parents at school 11:30 re visit of USA boys
(BWI offered accommodation to a visiting American Youth Football team, the Pittsford Mustangs.  This meeting was presumably to provide final information to host families prior to the Team’s arrival on the 12th March. There is a page dedicated to the visit in the archive.)


Lent service for Junior children (in school)70 parents also attended
(A series of Lent Assemblies which told a story in episodic form as a series of ‘radio’ plays written for the school and in part performed by the actor John Woodnutt.  The content of the 1977 was not recorded though a picture of the school hall with its wall displays is in the archive.)


Class 5 (mixed Years 3 and 4) visit to Verulamium


Mr Wilson Pratt (Local Education Authority Officer) gave a talk on ‘Secondary Education 1977’ to the Parents’ Association.


Routine medical inspections for 4th Year Juniors (Year 6) in the afternoon


2nd Lent service for Infant children (in school)


Six-a-side soccer competition at Ruislip Gardens.  School team reached semi-finals
(The annual Primary Schools’ inter-school football tournament)


Arrival of Pittsford ‘Mustangs’ from Rochester USA to be hosted by BWI parents over this weekend and next.
(See above, 6th March)


Official welcome to the Pittsford party in school
(See above, 6th March)


2nd Lent service for Junior children (in school) – BBC Schools Religious Programme executives, Miss Kinross & Miss Chowl joined us.


Pittsford ‘Mustangs’ in school for lunch prior to game v BWI school team. Score – [left blank]
(See above, 6th March)


Open Evening 6 – 9 p.m.
(Teacher-parent interviews to discuss mid-year progress.)


Open Evening 6-9 p.m. – Mrs Juggens & Miss Scott (peripatetic music) came in too to see parents.
(Teacher-parent interviews to discuss mid-year progress. The two Borough peripatetic teachers who provided violin and ‘cello lessons also attended to provide feedback to parents on their children’s progress.)


3rd Lent service for Infant children (in school)


Boys v Dads soccer match - 4-4
(The annual ‘friendly’ parents versus pupils football match)


3rd Lent service for Junior children (in school)


Road Safety competition v Warrender. Lost
(This annual inter-school event took the form of a quiz)


4th Lent service for Infant children (in school)


Farewell party at Reckitts for schools who hosted Pittsford Mustangs.  We were presented with the flag which flew over the Capitol building on July 4th 1976 (Bi Centenary Day)
(See above, 6th March)


Netball rally of Ruislip-Northwood schools. Our girls won the cup.
(The annual Primary Schools’ inter-school netball tournament.  There is a photograph of the press report in the archive.)


Confirmation in St Martin’s Church – 19 of our children confirmed.


9 a.m. Communion Service in hall.
(This was probably for Junior children only and held to mark the Confirmation Service the previous day)


60 children & staff went to the first concert in the Alfred Beck Hall p.m.
(This was the newly opened theatre built by the London Borough of Hillingdon in Hayes.)


4th Lent service for Junior children (in school)


5th Lent service for Infant children (in school)


5th Lent service for Junior children (in school)


School Journey meeting 8 p.m.
(A pre-trip preparation evening for parents of children in Year 6 going to Lyme Regis in May.)


Mrs Gibson left (prior to the birth of her first child)




Easter Holiday: 07/04/1977 – 25/04/1977




Mrs Brothers commenced


4th Year (Year 6) girls to Needlework Exhibition in Barn


Miss Foulkes in school (Spastic Society) re sponsored swim.


Cycling Proficiency Course began


School netball v Mums p.m.
(The annual ‘friendly’ parents v school match)


School closed for May Day


Head at Holy X Greenford re 4th Year Leavers service
(The Diocese of London introduced local ‘Leavers’ Services’ to replace that previously held in St Paul’s Cathedral.  Mr Knowles was part of the planning group for the first of these local events to be held at Holy Cross, Greenford.  See 5th July, below.)


75 children 5 staff to Coliseum to see ‘Sleeping Beauty’ by Royal Festival Ballet


In the evening the Parents’ Association hosted the presentation of a film and talk on Crime Prevention.


School Journey to Lyme Regis. 46 children, 3 staff.
(The Year 6 summer residential trip. There was no trip to Le Touquet in 1977. There is a dedicated page in the archive)


Rev. Teale (Diocesan Advisor RE) in school a.m.


School Journey return


Netball tournament at Hayes.  Girls won through to the final.
(The inter-schools’ netball tournament)


Ascension Day Mass in church for Classes 1 – 6 (Junior children)


Girls netball, lost in final
(The inter-schools’ netball tournament)


May Fayre pound stall raised £52 & £8 programmes
(The teaching staff long continued to run a stall at the St Martin’s Fair.)


Special service to dedicate the new Banbury Leisure room to Clifford Littler, retiring after 12 years manager
(The opening of the parent-sponsored and built ‘Clifford Littler’ room, providing a space for small group work.  There is a dedicated page in the archive.)


Class 7 visited Ruislip Woods


The Parents’ Association held a Barbeque at the Ruislip Rugby Club


Cycling Proficiency Test.


Mr Roome (Parks Dept) joined us at Assembly to present a prize to a child for winning a ‘conservation’ competition.


Miss Hubbard (Adviser) in school re photographs of cooking for Hillingdon Show display
(The annual Hillingdon Show usually included a section focusing on education in the Borough.  These photographs appear not to have survived. However that year’s show did include work supplied by BWI related to the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. See the final page relating to the Jubilee celebrations in the archive.)


Our ‘Jubilee Day’.  Morning showing of film ’25 years’ followed by lunch time picnic by school round Junior playground. Displays of gymnastics, country dancing & Maypole dancing.
(There is a dedicated page in the archive.)


A school float took part in the Ruislip Jubilee Procession depicting Queen Victoria’s Jubilee & Queen Elizabeth II
(There is a dedicated page in the archive.)




School reopened
(The schools’ half term holiday normally took in the late May bank holiday on the last Monday in May. In 1977, to commemorate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, the Monday Bank holiday was transferred to 6th June and a further day added – Tuesday 7th. This aligned the celebrations with the date of the 1953 coronation on 4th June.  The schools’ Half Term was similarly delayed by a week: the 4th to 12th June. )


Meeting in school of Diocesan reps, Fr Toovey & Head re further accommodation at school.
(It is possibly that this meeting included the earliest discussions that eventually lead to the addition of two further classrooms in 1981)


17 Swedish teachers in school to watch PE lesson


Hair inspection of whole school – clear
(Check for potential nit/ louse infestation)


All classes visited Flower festival in St Martin’s church.


‘Sir Geofrey’s Book’ presentation in church by children from Warrender, Whiteheath and BWI
(Nothing further is known of this joint venture)


3rd Annual Fête 11-2 p.m. opened by Barry Davies £888 raised.
(Barry Davies was a sports commentator and presenter for the BBC at this time)


Mr Cule & Mrs Howarth (Bishop Ramsey) in school to see their September intake children.
(Mr Cule was the Headteacher of Bishop Ramsey secondary school and Mrs Howarth responsible for Year 7. Their visit was part of the transition process.)


Photographs of new entrants, leavers & teams
(Photographs of the classes with the youngest children - taken alternate years; the Year 6 pupils; and various sports teams and music ensembles.  Some photographs for 1977 are in the archive)


Miss Ball (Northwood Comprehensive) to see new children
(Miss Ball’s visit was part of the transition process.)


2:30 Woodwind Ensemble for Classes 1, 2, 3, 4
(Years 4, 5 & 6.  This would have been given by the Local Authority’s peripatetic music teachers)


Mass in school at the start of the morning to celebrate John the Baptist’s Day
(Presumably Junior children only)


Art display put up at Hillingdon Show


Hillingdon Show. 2nd prize in Junior Art Competition and 3rd in ‘It’s a Knockout’.
(The show included work supplied by BWI related to the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. See the final page relating to the Jubilee celebrations in the Archive.)


30 teachers from Bishop Ramsey looked round school


8 p.m. film for parents ‘Then one year!’
(This was a film about puberty to be shown to the older children as part of a sex education programme. Parents were annually given an opportunity to see the film in advance of it being shown to their children.)


Two classes of infants to Bekonscot a.m.
(The model village at Beaconsfield was a regular summer destination for the Infant classes in future years.  Unfortunately no pictures appear to have survived from the 1977 trips.)


Routine medical inspections in the afternoon


Class 6 visited Hampton Court


September admissions & parents in school p.m.
(A familiarisation event for new children and their parents prior to the children starting school.)


Gymnastic competition v Warrender – BWI won.


Two infant classes to Bekonscot a.m.


String ensemble gave concert to 5, 6, 7.
(Years 2 and 3.  This would have been given by the Local Authority’s peripatetic music teachers)


‘Lyme Regis’ evening for 4th Year parents.
(An annual follow-up from the Year 6 residential was a report on the trip from the children to their parents supported by slides and other relevant material.)


Miss Robertson (Haydon) to see children.
(Miss Robertson’s visit was part of the Secondary School transition process.)


The audiometrician visited to test hearing in the afternoon


Boys v Dads cricket p.m.
(The annual ‘friendly’ parents versus school match.)


4th Year Leavers service at Holy Cross, Greenford.
(This local ‘Deanery’ service for Year 6 children replaced that previously held at St Paul’s Cathedral, see 3rd May)


Internal gymnastics competition


Sports Day p.m.

07/07/1977 -

School open for parents to see Jubilee decorations
(Photographs of some of these decorations are on the dedicated Silver Jubilee page in the archive)


Cello festival at the Alfred Beck
(This was a primary school’s music event at the Beck Theatre, Hayes, run by the Borough Music Service)


Open evening 6 – 9.30 p.m.
(Teacher-parent interviews to discuss end of year progress.)


Open evening 6 – 9.30 p.m.
(Teacher-parent interviews to discuss end of year progress.)


Film ‘Don’t talk to strangers’ shown to 1st Year Juniors
(A film shown annually to Year 3 to alert children to the potential risks from unknown adults.)


A Mass was celebrated (in the morning) for the 4th Year (Year 6) pupils only and held in Class 1’s room


Dress rehearsal for music evening
(The evening had a Silver Jubilee theme.  There is a dedicated page in the archive)


Athletics meeting Kings College Fields evening
(The annual inter-school sports)


The Parents’ Association held a Square Dance at the school


Rounders v Parents
(The annual ‘friendly’ parents versus school match.)


Head infestation in 2 classes – all cleared.
(Hair check for nit/ louse infestation)


Musical evening


Musical evening £50 donated to Queen’s Silver Jubilee Appeal


Miss Hall presented with cassette radio from school children
(Miss May Hall, a long-serving member of staff was to retire at the end of the term.  There is a dedicated page in the archive.)


Miss Hall’s farewell from present & past colleagues – portable TV


End of term service 11 a.m.
(Though not stated this was traditionally at St Martin’s Church and for the whole school.)


Miss Hall retired as Head of Infant Department for 12 years.




Summer Holiday: 22/07/1977 – 06/09/1977




Mrs Willcox, taking over from Miss Hall as Head of the Infant’s Department, commenced service.


Head inspection – 10 cases of head louse found from 8 families.  All families cleared.
(Hair check for nits and louse infestation)


Cycling Proficiency Course began


School photographs taken
(Individual and family photographs.  The staff photograph was also taken – there is a dedicated page in the archive)


Mrs Finch (remedial teacher) in school.
(Probably a Local Education Authority teacher to provide guidance and support to teachers and some educational input directly to specific children.)


Fire drill.  School cleared in 60 seconds.


Cllr  G. Booth (LA Manager) visited school.
(Councillor George Booth had a long and active association with the school, including as the Chair of Managers/Governors.  He was a Local Authority appointment to the Governing Body)


Mrs A. Green (Diocesan manager) visited school p.m.
(Mrs Alison Green had a long and active association with the school both as a parent and as a Manager/Governor.  She was a Diocesan appointment to the Governing Body.)


4th Year (Year 6) children visited Bishop Ramsey Secondary School in the morning to see French playlets


4th Year parents school journey meeting 8 p.m.
(A pre-trip preparation evening for parents of children in Year 6 going to Charlbury later in the term.)


Mrs Finch (remedial teacher) in school all day.
(See above, 16th September)


Film ‘Everest the hard way’ shown to the school
(‘Everest the Hard Way’ was a BBC produced documentary film based on Chris Bonington’s book of the same name.  It retold the story of the 1975 British Mount Everest Southwest Face expedition.)


Head at Field End School to discuss Transitional Assessment
(Following the end of 11 Plus selection tests in Hillingdon, the Local Education Authority was considering alternative ways to measure the performance of children - and their primary schools - at transfer to secondary school.  This lead to the adoption of a series of locally devised maths test papers, the London Reading Test and Margaret Peters’ diagnostic spelling tests.  The results of these tests were combined, with individual schools being given their ‘average’ score alongside that for the Borough.  This was to aid Governing Body reflection on their school’s performance and the Local Education Authority to target its support for individual schools.  There were no ranked performance tables as later favoured by Government.)


4th Year to Charlbury YHA Mrs Pocklington, Mr Goulding, Mrs Prior Jones
(The autumn term Year 6 residential trip)


The Parents’ Association presented a showing of the film ‘Everest the hard way’
(See above 28th September)


Return of 4th Year Journey to Charlbury


9 a.m. Dedication Festival mass for Classes 1-6
(The location for the service at St Martin’s is not identified, but as this would be to celebrate the church’s own dedication, this seems likely.)


Routine medical inspections in the afternoon


Mrs Mackie inspected the 10 children who had been infested with head louse. All clean


Toy Fayre £75
(The annual Toy Fayre where children donated toys they no longer wanted or had outgrown; other children could then purchase these with the proceeds supporting various school activities.)


Class 5 to Mad Bess Woods (one of the local ‘Ruislip’ woods) in the afternoon


Class 3 (Year 5) to Library to hear Kenneth Allen speak about his books


Dental project began in 3rd & 4th Year Juniors
(Presumably the same project for Years 5 & 6 initially introduced in 1972)


Routine medical inspections in the afternoon


Open Evening
(Teacher-Parent interviews to outline the work for the coming year.)


Head & Mrs Willcox at the Teachers’ Centre for Infant check list.
(The Local Education Authority’s Educational Psychologist, Arthur Potten, had been working on a simple check list that would help gauge children’s development on entry to formal schooling. Such a check list could be used to provide targeted support for specific children. The check list was later rolled out across all Hillingdon Infant and Primary Schools.)


Cycling Proficiency test


Miss Hall in school and presented us with a shield
(This would be Miss May Hall, who had retired in the summer.  The focus for the shield is not known)




Half Term Holiday: 22/10/1977 – 30/10/1977




Retake of photographs
(To photograph any children who had been absent on the 14th September or retake any photographs that had been defective.)


Poppies sold in school £24.80
(Fundraising for the annual British Legion poppy appeal)


January intake and parents in school p.m.
(A familiarisation event for new children and their parents prior to the children starting school in January 1979.)


Class 4 (Year 4) visited the Science Museum


Junior children visited St Martin’s Church at the start of the morning for a service to celebrate St Martin’s Day


All infants visited church during the morning to see St Martin’s window.


Martinmass Fayre – Pound staff raised £42 Programmes £4
(The annual St Martin’s fundraising Fayre. The teaching staff long continued to run a stall at the St Martin’s Fayre.)


Fire drill – school evacuated in 50 seconds


Mr Rundle (Assistant Education Officer, Schools) visited school to discuss proposed ‘Under 5’ provision with Fr Toovey & Head
(There were no substantive changes to admissions or organisation at BWI in the year or so following this visit, though in the mid-late 1980s classes were restructured so that a distinctive ‘Early Years’ curriculum could be developed for Reception.)


Parents’ Association Dance


Mr Cule, Headmaster of Bishop Ramsey Church of England Secondary School, talked about his school at a Parents’ Association meeting in school. 


The Juniors and Year 2 visited the Winston Churchill Hall, (Classes 5, 6 & 7 in the morning, Classes 2, 3 & 4 in the afternoon for a ‘very enjoyable’ performance by the Bubble Theatre Company.


Youngmans sealed the outside of the new classroom
(This probably relates to the Clifford Little Room, see 24th May, rather than the classroom built on the Infant School Playground in 1973)


Routine medical inspections in the afternoon for 4th Year Junior (Year 6)


Miss Allcock in school – manager
(Miss Allcock, a retired teacher, was for many years a manager/ governor of the school)


Head at John Penrose – Harefield – to see the school
(A new secondary school in Harefield, later superseded and rebuilt as Harefield Academy)


The audiometrician was in school in the morning to test the hearing of 2nd Year Juniors (Year 4)


Mr Hamilton (National Children’s Homes) launched this year’s Sunny Smiles campaign
(The annual fundraising campaign, there is a dedicated page in the archive)


Visit of Norman Haynes (architect) and Mr Hills re proposed extension to school.
(This presumably related to the discussions of 14th June and the eventual erection of two classrooms on the Junior playground in 1981.)


Nativity dress rehearsal
(The annual Infant Nativity, there is a dedicated page in the archive)


Nativity presentation to parents & Wallis House p.m.
(This entry in the Log Book almost certainly should be two, the Infant Nativity presentation to parents, and the Choir’s visit to the residential home Wallis House, both of which took place in the afternoon. However, there is some confusion here, since there is a second record of a visit to Wallis House on 20th December.  Possibly one of these should be Barringer’s Court which was the other home regularly visited by the choir.)


Brass concert for Classes 1, 2, 3, 4
(This recital for Years 4, 5 and 6, was almost certainly given by the Borough’s peripatetic music staff)


Nativity 6:30 p.m. to parents


39 children & 11 adults to Albert Hall Festival of Carols
(The school had arranged a trip to the Royal Albert Hall)


Dress rehearsal for ‘Mary Jones’
(This was the annual Junior play presented by Year 6. There is a dedicated page in the archive.)


Infant parties p.m.


Parties classes 5 & 6


7:30 p.m. 1st Performance ‘Mary Jones’


Class 6 & 3 plays
(The tradition of Junior Classes producing Christmas plays to perform to the school)


Parties classes 3 & 4


7:30 p.m. 2nd performance ‘Mary Jones’


Classes 5 & 4 plays


Xmas dinner
(An annual Christmas lunch for staff to which School Managers and St Martin’s clergy were also invited.)


Presented Mr Hamilton (National Children’s Homes) with a cheque for £235
(See above, 2nd December)


Choir sang carols at St Vincents p.m.
(The choir was encouraged to make Christmas visits to St Vincent’s, Mount Vernon Hospital in Northwood and several local Homes.)


Class 2 play


Class 1 & 2 parties


All children went to St Martin’s Church at the start of the morning for a Carol Service.


Choir sang at Wallis House
(See the note for 7th December)


£45 sent to Church of England Children’s Society
£50 sent to Make Children Happy




Christmas Holiday: 21/12/1977 – 03/-1/1978



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