The BWI Archives

1980 ~ A visit to Manor Farm


Tucked into a folder of miscellaneous material relating to the 1991 
Diamond Jubilee are several photographs of a group of children 
on a visit to the Manor Farm complex, apparently in 1980.  
The building featured is the Cow Byre: this burnt down in 1976 
and was subsequently rebuilt.

A group of BWI pupils described 
the Manor Farm complex as part of 
their submission to the 
BBC Domesday Project of 1986.


The school's Log Book refers to 
Classes 6, 4, 3 & 1 visiting a Ruislip 
History Exhibition on the 15th and 16th October, though does not specify the location.  However, this would fit in well with the function of the Cow Byre, its reopening in October 1980, and the age of the children in the photographs.    




First uploaded: 5 April 2016
Last updated: 17 April 2016