The BWI Archives

1981 ~ Summer Fete


Saturday 6th June and the piper with two fourth year Junior children, 
sets off to announce the opening of the School Fete 
in Ruislip High Street.

This Golden Jubilee year the Fete was to be opened 
by Dr Who's young assistant, Adric (Matthew Waterhouse)

The Fete is as busy as ever with the various attractions being well supported...
The picture on the left is Mr Knowles bravely 'facing' the wet sponges 
(please excuse the pun), 
we assume the picture on the right is also Mr Knowles, 
though quite what what is on the mortar board we are left guessing!
Father Toovey is interested in the cake stall, while the fairground organ plays.
Yes, it was yet another highly successful BWI School Fete!



First uploaded: 5 April 2016