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1981 ~ Christmas Plays


The Junior classes each contributed a short play to be performed 
on a morning during the last week of the Christmas term.
On Wednesday 16th December Class 3, Mr Scott's class. performed a play 
on a classical theme, the story of the Minotaur. 
Mrs Spring's appearance in the follow photographs suggests she, 
or she and her class, also had a part to play in this performance.
(Click on a photograph to open an enlargement)

After the performance Mrs Spring demonstrates her strength 
by knocking the columns down while the children look on!

The second set of photographs show Class 6's play.
This was due to be presented on 17 December but had to be postponed 
as there was a high level of absence due to sickness.  
It was eventually performed on 15th January 1982. 



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