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1984 ~ Infant Classes


These are two of the pictures taken in alternate years by the school photographer. 
Hopefully that for the third Reception-Year 1 class 
will 'surface' in the future to join them.

Mr Knowles, Miss Sawyer and Miss Van Gilst with Miss Sawyer's Class

(Click on the photograph to open an enlargement)

(Click on the photograph to open an enlargement)

Mrs. Wood’s Class


  • Dennis Knowles, Mary Wood, Nicole van Gilst

Third Row:                

  • Ian Friend, Stella Alvarez, Tanya Walker, Samantha Walker, Paul Keys

Second Row: 

  • Antony Gibbs, Emma Simmons, Ruth Gillman, Mellissa Irvine, Sonia Hagger, 
    Chris Armory, Peter James

Front Row:

  • Hannah Ledster, Kerry Finch, Richard Schubert, Farhanaz Kanji, Richard Pash, 
    Sophia Gulotta, Louisa Worth, Philip Taneborne, Samatha Rickett

[Absent: Karen Nicholls, Diana Rollin, Jonathan Stoddart, Sarah Taylor, Kevin White.]



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