The BWI Archives

1984 ~ An Overview from the Log Book


The following 'overview' extracts from the School’s Log Books the following types of material:

  • That which directly affected the children and/or their parents (events, visits off site, visiting speakers, medical checks, services either in school or at St. Martin’s Ruislip, holidays, etc.)

  • Significant changes in staffing, in the main restricted to the Headteacher, the Deputy and those who had provided a long period of service.

  • Visitors that indirectly impacted on the management of the school and/or its educational practice – Local Authority Officers, Inspections, etc.

  • In-service courses undertaken by the Headteacher or other staff introducing significant educational initiatives.

  • Items that impacted on or resulted in changes to the School’s facilities.

Most entries in the Log Books have been lightly edited – expanding concise or abbreviated comments, etc.  Where entries have been copied without change, these are given in bold.  Editorial comments to ease comprehension or provide context are given in brackets and in italic.



Christmas Holiday: 23/12/1983 – 09/01/1984


Library area, corridor, entrance hall painted during holidays.
(Completing the work started in the autumn term 1983. 
See 2nd December 1983)




Further £30 sent to National Children’s Homes
(A result of the previous term’s fundraising, see 2nd December 1983)


4th Year Parents’ meeting re Secondary Allocation procedure
(While many BWI parents now had a clear preference for children transferring to Bishop Ramsey, there were strict admissions criteria relating to regular family attendance at church over time of which parents needed to be aware. Though for many years this meeting had been held in the spring, for the previous few years it had moved to the autumn term.  The reason for reinstating a January meeting is not known.)


Class 4 (Year 4) to the Tower of London
(Class 4, of which Miss Crawshaw (later Mrs Boylan) was the class teacher, was following an in-depth project focused on London through a number of visits during the spring term, all using public transport.)


Routine medical examinations for middle Infant (Year 1) in the afternoon


Road Safety film for Infants
(This presentation was probably delivered by Roy Thomas, the Borough’s Road Safety Officer.)


4th Year parents interviews p.m.
(To support the school allocation process Mr Knowles held interviews with parents of children who would transfer to secondary schools in July 1984.)


4th Year parents interviews 6:30 – 9
(To support the school allocation process Mr Knowles held interviews with parents of children who would transfer to secondary schools in July 1984.)


Candlemass service in hall 
(Probably only for the Junior children)


String concert for Infants p.m.
(Probably provided by members of the Borough’s peripatetic music staff.)


Computer arrived
(This innocent looking two-word entry in the log book marks both the acquisition of the first ‘BBC ‘B’’ computer, and that ‘revolution’ was about to break out not only in education but also in how future life was to be lived! There is a dedicated page in the archive.)


3rd & 4th Year Juniors to Royal Festival Hall p.m.


Parents’ Association ‘Cheese & Wine’ informal social event.


Class 4 (Year 4) to Museum of London


8 French children in school a.m.


Routine medical examinations for Infants in the afternoon


Class 4 (Year 4) to St Paul’s


Class 7J (Year 2) to Transport Museum


‘The First Year’ An evening for parents of reception children.
(An information evening to help parents understand how their children were being taught and the support they could provide in the formal learning process. This event was intended for those parents whose children had joined the school in January.)


Class 5 play to the school
(Class 5 had been unable to perform their Christmas play at the end of the previous term, see 21st December 1983 – possibly due to a large number of children absent through illness.  Time was found on the Friday before the half term holiday to perform their play.)




Half Term Holiday: 18/02/1984 – 26/02/1984




Open Evening 6 – 9 p.m.
(Teacher-parent interviews to discuss mid-year progress.)


Class 5 (mixed Year 3 and 4) to Tower of London


Class 4 (Year 4) to Houses of Parliament with guided tour by MP J.Wilkinson


Class 2 (mixed Year 5 & 6) to Science & Natural History Museum


Ash Wednesday mass in church for Classes 1-6 (the Junior children)


Routine medical examinations in the afternoon for Reception age group


Lent Services began for Infants
(Traditionally there were five weekly themed assemblies for both the Infants and the Juniors.  These were usually led by the St Martin’s clergy.)


6-a-side soccer competition at Field End
(The annual Primary Schools’ inter-school football tournament)


Class 7C (Year 2) to the Tower of London


Class 3 (Year 5) to Science Museum


Class 4 (Year 4) to Greenwich


Classes 1 & 2 (Year 6 and some from Year 5) to Bishop Ramsey to see the dress rehearsal of their play.


1st Lent service for Juniors, ‘Johnny’s Journey’
(The previous year the Junior theme had been an exploration of the events of Holy Week.  In 1984 there was a return to one of the series of plays written and produced for the school by the actor John Woodnutt.)


Visit of Fr Teale, Diocesan RE Adviser


Class 1 (Year 6) to Science & Natural History Museum


Second computer arrived
(Self – explanatory, see above 2nd February. A third was to arrive later in the year.)


Routine medical examinations in the afternoon


Class 4 (Year 4) to London on ‘walk about’


Netball tournament at Harlyn.  Reached Semi-Finals
(The annual Primary Schools’ inter-school netball tournament.)


Boys v Dads 4-3!
(The annual ‘friendly’ parents versus pupils football match)


Class 6 (Year 3) to Tower of London


Fire drill – school evacuated in 1 minute


Recorder Ensemble won Ruislip/Northwood Music Festival


Last Infant Lent Service
(See above 9th March)


Dress rehearsal of Dracula
(The 1984 Year 6 production was a retelling of Bram Stocker’s novel Dracula, with interspersed with appropriate songs. The play had been specially written for Year 6 by Mrs Stevenson, the school secretary. There are photographs in the archive.)


Performances of ‘Dracula’ to parents. £90 collection donated to Mount Vernon Body Scanner Appeal


Last Junior Lent Service
(See above, 14th March)


End of term service in church


£94 donated by children to ‘Friends of St Martin’s’


Mrs K. Spring resigned to take up position as Deputy Head of Breakspear Junior School




Easter Holiday: 14/04/1984 – 30/04/1984




Mrs J. Hughes commenced as part time teacher whilst Mrs E. Hardman became class teacher in place of Mrs Spring.


School closed for May Day


Industrial action by 10 full time teachers of the NUT caused their classes to be sent home.


School Journey meeting for 4th Year Junior parents.
(1983 had seen the last division of Year 6 pupils into those going on an English based trip and those going to France.  This evening event was the usual pre-trip preparation evening, most of whom were going to Derbyshire in June.)


St Martin’s May Fair – school stall raised £54.
(The teaching staff long continued to run a stall at the St Martin’s Fair.)


Head absent presiding at Hillingdon Head Teachers’ Association RE Conference


Green X Code personality in school.
(There is no documentation that identifies the ‘personality’)


The annual Parents’ Association Fête – approximately £1700 profit was raised
(Opened by ‘Postman Pat and his Cat’, there is a dedicated page in the archive)


Mrs Johnson (SMSA) retired after 18 years
(SMSA’s, School Meals Supervisory Assistants, the local Hillingdon term for the members of staff who looked after the children over the lunch break.)


Service at the School
The half-termly Mass, usually only attended by Classes 1 to 6, the Junior pupils)




Half Term Holiday 26/05/1984 – 03/06/1984


During ½ term week the hall lighting was changed to strip lighting
(The lighting in the school was gradually been changed from incandescent light bulbs to fluorescent tubes, see also 10th January 1983.)




3rd Years (Year 5) to Weald & Downland Open Air Museum


Reception and Middle Infants to Chessington Zoo
(There are photographs from this trip for Reception and Year 1 children in the archive)


Classes 4, 5, 6 saw ‘Parrots of Penzance’ in school hall.
(Nothing further of this presentation to Years 3 & 4 is known)


Head at funeral of Mr. G Jones, parent.


Classes 1-6 in church for Whitsuntide mass.
(The termly Mass held at St Martins and attended by the Junior pupils)


Cycling Proficiency course began


The Parents’ Association held a barbecue


School Journey to Calver (Derbyshire) 48 children 2 staff & 3 parents
(There is a dedicated page relating to this trip in the archive)


Class 7C (Year 2) to Windsor Safari Park


Routine medical examinations of Reception children in the afternoon


Return of School Journey from Derbyshire.


Class 6 (Year 3) to Natural History Museum.


Swimming gala – we came 4th in 15 schools.
(The annual Ruislip and Northwood inter-schools Swimming Gala at Highgrove Pool.)


Fire Drill – school evacuated in 50 seconds


PC Howard visited all classes re his work
(The local attached policeman explaining the nature of police work.)


p.m. Junior Sports Day
(There are photographs in the archive)


p.m. Woodwind concert for classes 1, 2, 3, 4
(For Years 4, 5 and 6, probably provided by members of the Borough’s peripatetic music staff.)


Visit of Mr Cule & Miss Rundle to meet their September intake to Bishop Ramsey
(A visit by the Headteacher and Head of Year 7 at Bishop Ramsey CE Secondary School as part of the secondary transfer familiarisation process)


Governors’ Meeting.  Inspection of building


Boys v Dads cricket 1 pm. Boys won by 1 wicket   
(The annual ‘friendly’ parents versus school match.)


7J (Year 2) to ‘Birdworld’ at Farnham


Class 6 (Year 3) to Park Woods on Nature trail


p.m. Preschool meeting from September intake
(A familiarisation event for new children and their parents prior to the children starting school.)


9 p.m. Petertide mass in school for Classes 1-6
(For Junior pupils only)


p.m. Film ‘Don’t talk to strangers’ shown to 1st & 2nd Year Juniors
(This film had been shown annually to Year 3 to alert them to the potential risks from unknown adults.  However there is no record of it having been shown in 1983, thus the possible reason for it being shown to both Year 3 & 4 in 1984)


Mr T Mills (Educational Zoologist) in school all day with animals.
(Mrs Buttress, the Head of the Infant Department, had encountered Mr Mill’s talks - which each focused on four ‘animals’ - while working in her previous school.)


Rounders v parents p.m.
(The annual ‘friendly’ parents versus school match.)


Open evenings 6 – 9 p.m.
(Teacher-parent interviews to discuss end of year progress.)


Leavers service pm at Holy Cross, Greenford.
(The local ‘Deanery’ service for Year 6 children.)


Cycling Proficiency Tests. 2 failed 20 passed


Routine medical examinations for Junior children


The Parents’ Association held a Square Dance


School Journey evening for parents
(An annual follow-up from the Year 6 residential was a report on the trip from the children to their parents supported by slides and other relevant material.)


Infants’ sports a.m.
(There are three pictures from this event in the archive)


Farewell presentation from past & present colleagues to Mrs M. Stevenson, school secretary for 23 years and retiring tomorrow.
(Monica Stevenson’s association with the school had been a long one.  It had begun in the old building on Eastcote Road when the entry for 25th September 1961 reported “Mrs M. D. Stevenson commenced duties as Clerical Assistant (replacing Mrs Doyle)”.  Over the 23 years not only had Mrs Stevenson carried out her responsibilities to a very high standard and with a friendly, courteous manner, but she had also researched the historical material for the 1981Golden Jubilee booklet and written a number of play scripts for use by the pupils including Ming Lee (1982), Dracula (1984 & 1990), and the Ruislip Domesday Pageant of 1986.  There is a dedicated page of the farewell event in the archive)


End of term service 11 a.m. in church
(The whole school would have attended this service held in St Martin’s Church.)




Summer Holiday: 21/07/1984 – 03/09/1984


London Weekend TV used the school to film an episode of ‘Child’s Play’




Mr P. Holland and Mrs E. Sellwood commenced
(Philip Holland replaced Kathryn Spring, who had left at the end of the spring term, as coordinator for music provision in the school.  Eileen Sellwood became the new school secretary replacing Monica Stevenson.)


Cycling Proficiency course began


Mr Shirtcliffe & Mr Hung (HMIs) in school all day.
(These two HMIs appear to have carried out an informal inspection and may have also been involved in information gathering for the Department of Education’s own purposes.)


Canterbury School Journey meeting for parents 8 p.m.
(A pre-trip preparation evening for parents of children in Year 6 going to Canterbury later in the term.)


The audiometrician visited to test the hearing of rising 6 (Year 1) 9 year (Year 4) olds


8 p.m. Talk for parents on ‘Head lice’


Harvest mass 9 a.m. for Classes 1-6
(This service, for the Juniors, would have been held in the school hall)


Sunday Times Fun Run – 61 competitors from this school i.e. pupils past & present, parents & staff.
(Miss Crawshaw arranged the school’s participation in this annual event that took place in Hyde Park.  There is a photograph of some of the competitors in the archive.)


The Parents’ Association’s Annual General Meeting


Fire drill – school evacuated in 90 seconds


7:30 ‘First Year’ evening for new parents
(An information evening to help parents understand how their children were being taught and the support they could provide in the formal learning process.)


Open Evening 6-9:30 p.m.
(Teacher-Parent interviews to outline the work for the coming year.)


Class 6 (Year 3) to Natural History Museum


Cycling Proficiency Tests  - of the 29 entrants, 23 passed


Toy fayre - £102 profit
(The annual Toy Fayre where children donated toys they no longer wanted or had outgrown; other children could then purchase these, with the proceeds supporting various school activities.)


School photographs
(Individual and family photographs.  The 1984 staff photograph was probably taken on this occasion – there is a dedicated page in the archive.)


School Journey to Canterbury YH till 19 Oct
52 children, 2 staff, 2 parents

(The previous year’s residential trip to Canterbury for Year 6 had proved highly successful, see 10th -12th October 1983.  It was felt that the amount that could be gained from the location educationally merited additional time away.  As a result there was agreement for expanding it from three days to four; a tighter structure to the activities was introduced with significantly more field work. There is a dedicated page in the archive.)


Class 2 third years (Year 5) to Ewelme (medieval village)


Routine medication examinations in the afternoon


Return of School Journey from Canterbury




Half Term Holiday: 20/10/1984 – 28/10/1984




Mayor & Mayoress (Cllr & Mrs F. Walsh) in school a.m.
(Hillingdon Mayors often visit a number of schools during their tenure of the office.  Dennis Knowles frequently invited the current mayors.  There are photographs of the Cllr and Mrs Walsh’s visit in the archive)


Class 6 (Year 3) to Beck Theatre to see ‘Joseph’
(This was the Alfred Beck Hall in Hayes.)


Class 2 (mixed Years 5 & 6) to Museum of London & St Bartholomew’s Church


Poppies on sale in school – raised £40
(In aid of the Royal British Legion’s annual appeal.)


Registers inspected by Mr Bissell
(Mr Bissell was presumably from the Local Authority’s Education Welfare Department which had a duty to check on pupil attendance.)


Classes 1-6 in church for Martinmass
(A visit by the Junior classes to St Martin’s Church, Ruislip)


Class 4 (Year 4) to Victoria & Albert Museum


Junior Assembly re appeal for Ethiopian famine
(This was an international ‘disaster’ in 1984 with significant response from individuals, organisations and governments to calls for aid.)


Parents & children of the January 1985 intake in school in the afternoon
(A familiarisation event for new children and their parents prior to the children starting school.)


Top Infants (Year 2) to Olivier Theatre to see ‘The Ancient Mariner’


Infant assembly re Ethiopian appeal.
(see above, 12th November)


Cheque for £355 presented to Ruislip Northwood Gazette Body Scanner appeal – proceeds from Fun Run last September
(Most participants in the Fun Run on 30th September had sought sponsorship from family and friends.  As a result a sizable sum could be donated to this local charity.)


Visit of Mrs S. White (LDBE) and Mr R Baker (architect)
(The specific reason for the visit from representatives of the London Diocesan Board of Education, the body responsible for the fabric of the school building, is not known.)


Brass concerts p.m. for Juniors and Infants
(From the way that Dennis Knowles recorded this, the brass ensemble - probably provided by members of the Borough’s peripatetic music staff - gave separate ‘concerts’ for Infants and Juniors.)


Meeting for 4th Year Junior parents 8 p.m. to outline this year’s secondary allocation procedure.
(This meeting, which Dennis Knowles held annually to ensure parents understood the secondary selection procedure and their part in it, returned to the autumn term for admissions in 1985.  See 23rd January)


Visit of LDB Insurance Valuer  
(A further visit from the London Diocesan Board of Education)


Martinmass fair – School stall raised £102
(The annual St Martin’s fundraising Fayre. The teaching staff long continued to run a stall at the St Martin’s Fayre.)


4th Year parents interviews p.m.
(To support the school allocation process Mr Knowles held interviews with parents of children who would transfer to secondary schools in July 1985.)


‘Computer Evening’ arranged to inform all parents of our use of our 3 computers.
(With the first computer having arrived on 2nd February and subsequently two more, the staff had had time to evaluate how they could be integrated into the curriculum to support teaching and learning.  It was now appropriate to hold an information evening for parents.)


6:30 – 9 interviews with 4th Year Parents
(To support the school allocation process Mr Knowles held interviews with parents of children who would transfer to secondary schools in July 1985.)


Class 3 (Year 5) to Beaulieu Car Museum


Visit of Bucket Theatre to entertain the whole school a.m.


Nativity dress rehearsal
(There is a dedicated page in the archive)


2:30 Nativity for Parents


6:30 Nativity for Parents


Carol concert in Albert Hall – party of 65 children, parents & staff went


The Parents’ Association held a ‘Supper Dance’


Presentation of £700 to Mrs Brading of Save the Children Fund for the Ethiopian disaster
(This response to the international appeal had been initiated at the two November assemblies - 12th and 16th and replaced the traditional autumn/Christmas fundraising for the National Children’s Homes.  There is a photograph of the presentation in the archive.)


Dress rehearsal of ‘Christmas Flavour’
(The first musical event to be overseen by Mr Holland.  There is a single photograph in the archive)


7:30 Performance for parents of Christmas Flavour


Infant party


Choir sang at St Vincent’s Hospital
(The choir was encouraged to make Christmas visits to St Vincent’s, Mount Vernon Hospital in Northwood and several local Homes.)


Choir sang at Barringer’s Court & Wallis House


Cheques for £80 sent to
- Sunshire Home for Blind at Northwood and
- Holy Child Ward at St Vincent’s, and
- £90 to Harry Branch of Church of England Children’s Society,
the £250 being donations by parents at our Christmas activity.


Christmas dinner – staff entertained the governors and priests
(An annual Christmas lunch for staff to which School Governors and St Martin’s clergy were also invited.)


Completion of all class plays & parties
(All Junior classes produced a short Christmas play to perform to the other children during the last week of term and parents could attend these performances. There are photographs relating to the Class 2 play - mixed Years 5 & 6 - in the archive.)


End of term service 11 a.m.
(All the children, Infants and Juniors, attended this end of term Carol Service which was normally held at St Martin’s Church.)


Mrs M. Buttress resigned as head of Infant Department to take up the Deputy Headship of Selbourne Middle School, Ealing.




Christmas Holiday: 21/12/1984 – 06/01/1985



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