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1985 ~ An Overview from the Log Book


The following 'overview' extracts from the School’s Log Books the following types of material:

  • That which directly affected the children and/or their parents (events, visits off site, visiting speakers, medical checks, services either in school or at St. Martin’s Ruislip, holidays, etc.)

  • Significant changes in staffing, in the main restricted to the Headteacher, the Deputy and those who had provided a long period of service.

  • Visitors that indirectly impacted on the management of the school and/or its educational practice – Local Authority Officers, Inspections, etc.

  • In-service courses undertaken by the Headteacher or other staff introducing significant educational initiatives.

  • Items that impacted on or resulted in changes to the School’s facilities.

Most entries in the Log Books have been lightly edited – expanding concise or abbreviated comments, etc.  Where entries have been copied without change, these are given in bold.  Editorial comments to ease comprehension or provide context are given in brackets and in italic.



Christmas Holiday: 21/12/1984 – 06/01/1985




Miss A. Sawyer acting head of Infant dept.
Mrs S. Lewis class teacher for this term.

(As Mrs Buttress had left at the end of the autumn term 1984 and Mrs Channing was not due to join the school until Easter, Miss Sawyer oversaw the smooth running of the Infant department for the spring term. Mrs Lewis acted as a float teacher)


Mr Thomas with films for Infants on road safety
(Roy Thomas was the Borough’s Road Safety Officer.)


Class 2 (mixed Year 5 & 6) to Science Museum


70 children & staff to Queen Elizabeth Hall for music appreciation concert organised by Hillingdon


Dental inspection of school


Parents’ Association ‘Cheese & Wine’ informal social event.


Class 1-6 Eucharist in school – Candlemass.
(Junior children only)


‘The First Year’ An evening for parents of reception children.
(An information evening to help parents understand how their children were being taught and the support they could provide in the formal learning process. This event was intended for those parents whose children had joined the school in January.)


Class 6 (Year 3) to Horniman Museum


Class 3 (Year 5) to Park Lodge Farm




Half Term Holiday: 16/02/1985 – 24/02/1985




Open Evening 6 – 9 p.m.
(Teacher-parent interviews to discuss mid-year progress.)


Fire drill – school evacuated in 1 minute


Health & Safety Inspection
(A regular termly inspection of the school premises by a group of staff led by Dennis Knowles to ensure compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act.)


Infant Lent Service – Mr Mankin (Methodist minister) leading.
(Mr Mankin had recently become the Methodist minister at the church on Ickenham Road.  Both his children received their primary education at BWI and later his wife was to be a member of staff.  The school broke with the long established practice of only drawing priests from St Martin’s to lead the lent assemblies to encourage a more ecumenical approach within the school.)


Emergency Governors meeting re proposed education cuts
(Another aspect of Margaret Thatcher’s overhaul of the education system affected funding levels for Local Authorities and through them, schools. See above, 2nd March 1983, Curriculum reform, and 28th March 1983, Staff appraisal.  Also, below, 5th June and related events in the autumn term 1985.)


Junior Lent Service – Jimmy & the Witches
(‘Jimmy and the Witches’ was series of five Lent Assemblies which told a story in episodic form as a series of ‘radio’ plays. It had been written for the school and in part performed by the actor John Woodnutt. Parents were usually invited to attend these assemblies. The Junior Assemblies were led by Fr Adrian Gabb-Jones.)


The 2nd Lent assembly for Infants


Ruislip Northwood Netball Rally
(The annual Primary Schools’ inter-school netball tournament.)


The 2nd Lent assembly for Juniors


Class 5 (mixed Year 3 & 4) to Geology Museum


7L (one of the two parallel Year 2 classes) to Transport Museum


Class 4 (Year 4) to Kew Gardens


The 3rd Lent assembly for Infants


6-a-side soccer at Field End
(The annual Primary Schools’ inter-school football tournament)


Class 2 (mixed Year 5 & 6) to Planetarium & Geological Museum


The 3rd Lent assembly for Juniors


Woodwind concert for Juniors p.m.
(Probably provided by members of the Borough’s peripatetic music staff.)


The 4th Lent assembly for Infants


The 4th Lent assembly for Juniors


The 5th Lent assembly for Infants


Boys v Dads soccer – boys won 3-2
(The annual ‘friendly’ parents versus pupils football match)


Dress rehearsal for ‘Joseph’
(Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, the 1985 Year 6 production. There are photographs in the archive.)


Evening performances (of Joseph)


Class 3 (Year 5) to Coggs Hill Manor Farm
(Cogges Manor Farm in Witney, Oxfordshire, which illustrated many aspects of farming, including the historical.)


End of term service in church 11 a.m.
(All the children would have attended this service.)


- £112.50 presented to Fr. Fenwick as the children’s lent fund raising for ‘Friends of St Martin’s’
- £120 sent to Harefield Heart Unit donations by parents at ‘Joseph’




Easter Holiday: 04/04/1985 – 22/04/1985


Heating in Classes 2, 4, 6 rectified by putting pipes at ceiling level.
(Further work on the Heating system that had caused numerous problems over the past ten years.  See 6th January 1978 and 15th January 1982)




Mrs D. Channing commenced as Head of Infant dept.


Road Safety film for Juniors
(This presentation was probably delivered by Roy Thomas, the Borough’s Road Safety Officer.)


Health and Safety inspection of school.
(See above 28th February)


Fire drill.  School evacuated in 1 minute


Annual Fête - £1800 profit.  Opened by Bill Shine star of ‘Supergran’


School closed for May Day


Cllr Booth, Len Martin & Head met Mr Byrne of Ecclesiastical Insurance
(There had been several visits from the Diocesan Board of Education in relation to valuation and insurance of the school building during the autumn term 1984.)


Preparation evening for parents of children going on School Journey to Derbyshire.


St Martin’s Fair – school staff raised £54
(The teaching staff long continued to run a stall at the St Martin’s Fair.)


Ascension day mass in church
(The termly Mass held at St Martin’s and almost certainly only attended by the Junior pupils)                                         


Miss Rundle & Mr Cule from Bishop Ramsey to see September intake.
(A visit by the Headteacher and Head of Year 7 at Bishop Ramsey CE Secondary School as part of the secondary transfer familiarisation process)


Mums v girls netball. 5-4 to girls
(The annual ‘friendly’ parents versus pupils netball match)


Road Safety film for Classes 4, 5, 6
(This presentation was probably delivered by Roy Thomas, the Borough’s Road Safety Officer.  How this session for Years 3 & 4 differed from that on 24th April is uncertain; perhaps the earlier session was for Years 5 & 6 only.)




Half Term Holiday: 25/05/1985 – 02/06/1985




Mrs Levon’s class (one of the two Year 2 classes) to Museum of Mankind


End of 4 weeks public display of proposed new instruments of government.
(Further government overhaul of education required changes of the school’s Instruments of Government and that these be published for a period of consultation. These changes may have been related to the implementation of the 1980 Education Act with regard to the composition of Governing Bodies – see below, 20th September, the election of a parent representative - and, in the case of a Voluntary Aided school such as BWI, arrangements for appeals.)


Mr Hayley (Haydon) visit to see next intake
(A visit as part of the secondary transfer familiarisation process)


Reception & Middle Infants (Year 1) to Beckonscott & Burnham Beeches


Cycling Proficiency course began


The Parents’ Association held a Square Dance


SJ to Calver – 52 children, 2 staff, 3 parents
(There are dedicated pages relating to this residential trip to Derbyshire by Year 6 in the archive)


Class 6 (Year 3) to Sion Park Butterfly house


Return from Calver


7J to Birdworld at Farnham
(Mrs Jones’ Year 2 class, see 5th June)


Meeting of Parents and Governors 8 p.m.
(The purpose of the meeting is not known, as with 5th June it may have been related to legislated changes in the governance of schools.)


Film ‘Don’t Talk to Strangers’ for 1st Year Juniors
(This film was shown annually to Year 3 to alert them to the potential risks from unknown adults.)


Photographs of leavers & 2 reception classes
(Currently only the Year 6 photograph is included in the archive)


PC Howard visiting all classes re Road Safety & liaising with police
(The local attached policeman explaining the nature of police work.)


Petertide mass in hall for Classes 1-6
(For Junior pupils only)


Routine medical examinations for 4th Year Juniors (Year 6)


The Parents’ Association held a barbecue


Cricket v Dads. Boys won by 1 wicket
(The annual ‘friendly’ parents versus school match.)


Preschool meeting p.m.
(A familiarisation event for new children and their parents prior to the children starting school in September.)


Archdeacon of Northolt in Class 3 (Year 5)


a.m. Infant Sports; p.m. Junior Sports
(There is a dedicated page in the archive)


Rounders rally at Ruislip Gardens
(The annual Primary Schools’ inter-school rounders rally)


2 p.m. Rounders v Parents
(The annual ‘friendly’ parents versus school match.)


School Journey evening
(An annual follow-up from the Year 6 residential was a report on the trip from the children to their parents supported by slides and other relevant material.)


String concert for Classes 1, 2, 3, 4
(For Years 6, 5 and 4, probably provided by members of the Borough’s peripatetic music staff.)


Swimming Gala
(The annual Ruislip and Northwood inter-schools Swimming Gala at Highgrove Pool.)


Class 4 (Year 4) to Whipsnade


Open evenings
(Teacher-parent interviews to discuss end of year progress.)


Class 6 (Year 3) to Kew Gardens


Class 5 (mixed Year 3 & 4) to Chenies Manor House


6 p.m. Athletics finals at Ruislip Gardens
(The Ruislip and Northwood inter-schools district sports.)


Music Evenings


Retirement party for Mrs P. Morgan – 25 years association with the school.
(Pam Morgan had been a long serving member of the school staff.  She was first recorded in the Log Books by Mr Jennings on 9th February 1961 as a supply covering an absent teacher.  This would have been at the building on the Eastcote Road site. Together with Rosemary Stevens, she made a significant contribution to music in the 1970s.)


End of term service in church 11 a.m.
(The whole school would have attended this service held in St Martin’s Church.)




Summer Holiday: 27/07/1985 – 09/09/1985




8 pm. School Journey meeting for 4th Year parents
A pre-trip preparation evening for parents of children in Year 6 going to Canterbury later in the term.)


Class 1 (Year 6) to British Museum


Notice of election of parent representative on Governing Body published
(The enactment of the 1980 Education Act required places on a school’s Governing Body for elected parent representatives.  See above 5th June)


p.m. 7 members of NUT withdrew at lunchtime.  Their classes sent home.


The Parents’ Association’s Annual General Meeting, Mr M. Westbrooke elected chairman


Routine medical examinations for Infants in the afternoon


Voting for Parent Governor
(See above, 20th September)


Mrs P. Taverner elected
(That is, as ‘parent governor’.)


Photographs of all children
(Individual and family photographs.  The 1985 staff photograph was probably taken on this occasion – there is a dedicated page in the archive.)


Fire drill – school evacuated in 65 seconds


School Journey to Canterbury – 50 children, 2 staff & 4 parents.
(This trip retained the four-day arrangement introduced the preceding year. There is a dedicated page in the archive.)


Return of School Journey – very successful


Health & safety inspection of school
(See above 28th February)


Educational zoologist in school all day.
(A return visit of Terry Mills, see 5th July 1984)


NUT members withdrew their services p.m. 7 classes sent home.


7:30 ‘The First Year’ for Reception parents
(An information evening to help parents understand how their children were being taught and the support they could provide in the formal learning process.)


Routine medical examinations for Infant in the afternoon


Toy Fair raised £160
(The annual Toy Fayre where children donated toys they no longer wanted or had outgrown; other children could then purchase these, with the proceeds supporting various school activities.)




Half Term Holiday: 26/10/1985 -


During ½ term the classroom adjoining Infant playground had its roof replaced.




7:30 ‘The First Year’ for reception parents
(This appears to have been a second eventing, repeating the content of 24th October)


Governors meeting 10 a.m. – 8 foundation, 6 others.


Classes 1-6 in church for Martinmas
(A visit by the Junior classes to St Martin’s Church, Ruislip)


Parents & children of the January 1986 intake in school in the afternoon
A familiarisation event for new children and their parents prior to the children starting school.)


Sale of poppies in school £24.83
(In aid of the Royal British Legion’s annual appeal.)


Martinmass fayre - £65 raised at school staff
(The annual St Martin’s fundraising Fayre. The teaching staff long continued to run a stall at the St Martin’s Fayre.)


Presentation of cheque for £220 to Sister Carmel of St Vincent’s Holy Child ward as sponsor money from Sunday Times Fun Run in September
(The school’s participation in the 1985 Fun Run was not noted in the Log Book, see 30th September 1984.)


Class 6 (Year 3) to Westminster Theatre to see ‘The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe’.


p.m. Visit of music adviser to see class music.


‘No Uniform’ Day. £160 sent to Columbian relief agency


a.m. NUT members withdrew their services.  5 classes were absent for the morning session.


8 p.m. Secondary Allocation meeting with 4th Year Junior parents.
(Dennis Knowles held this meeting annually to ensure parents understood the secondary selection procedure and their part in it.)


4th Year parents interviews p.m.
(To support the school allocation process Mr Knowles held interviews with parents of children who would transfer to secondary schools in July 1986.)


Mr Hamilton launched ‘Sunny Smiles’ campaign.
(The Sunny Smiles scheme raised money for the National Children’s Homes and had been held several times in the past.  Usually it was introduced by Mr Hamilton representing the charity – he had himself been supported by it as a child - and he usually returned towards the end of the term to receive a cheque for the amount raised.  Children were given booklets of detachable photographs of children.  They asked friends and family to contribute to the charity and in return received one of the pictures. See also 17th December)


3 Health films shown to parents of 3rd & 4th Year Juniors  
(These three films dealt with conception, birth and puberty and were produced by the BBC for primary aged children.  They covered the reproduction element of a more general Health education project. The school had consulted with parents on replacing the showing of the single film ‘Then 1 Year’ - which dealt with puberty and was shown in the final term of Year 6 - with this more integrated and educationally coherent approach in 1983 – see 29th November 1983.  The presence of a mixed age group class – Class 2 – meant the most sensible approach to running the project was for the three classes with children in Years 5 & 6 (i.e. Classes 3, 2 and 1) to cover the same work simultaneously every two years.  Parents were given an opportunity to see the films at the end of the autumn term before the children saw them as part of the spring term topic.)


Interviews with 4th Year parents. p.m. and evening
(See 29th November)


Dress rehearsal of Nativity
(There are just two photographs from the Infant Nativity in the archive)


Nativity for Parents 2:30 p.m.


6:30 p.m. Nativity for parents.


Party of 66 to Albert Hall for Carol Concert


The Parents’ Association held a Dance in the evening


Christmas Miscellany music evenings 7:30 p.m.


Five classes of NUT teachers went home p.m.


Infant party p.m.


Choir sang at St Vincent’s Hospital a.m.
(The choir was encouraged to make Christmas visits to St Vincent’s and several local Homes.)

17 /12/1985

Mr Hamilton of National Children’s Homes presented with £540
(See above, 2nd December)


During this last week of term all Junior classes had parties and presented a play to the school.
(All Junior classes produced a short Christmas play to perform to the other children during the last week of term and parents could attend these performances.)


Donations from parents at Nativity & Xmas Miscellany totalled £220
- £80 to Church of England Children’s Society,
- £70 to Home Farm Trust &
- £70 to Alexandria Children’s Home, Ealing.


Christmas dinner – staff & governors
(An annual Christmas lunch for staff to which School Governors and local clergy were also invited.)


Choir sang at Barringer’s Court & Wallis House


End of term service in church 11 a.m.
(All the children, Infants and Juniors, attended this end of term Carol Service at St Martin’s Church.)




Christmas Holiday: 21/12/1985 – 05/01/1986



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