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1986 ~ Fourth Year Juniors (Year 6)


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19 June 1986

Mr Rutter, Miss Crawshaw and Mr Knowles  
with the Fourth Year Juniors (Year 6) 1985-86

Back Row

  • G; Timothy Kennet; Katherine Williams?; Frances Ackers?; Deepak Bhatia; G

Fourth Row (Standing on Benches)

  • G; G; B; Andrew Reid; John Taylor; Robert Neighbour; Philip Seeley?; G; Katy Price

Third Row (standing on the ground)

  • G; G; B; Claire Taverner; Rohini Kapil?; Ian Braithwaite ; Matthew Taylor : G ; G ; B ; G(kneeling); G; G

Second Row (kneeling, sitting on bench)

  • Simon Colaco; Katherine Nash?: Amanda Silverman: Vicky Ma?; Matthew White; 
    Nicholas Patterson?; Caroline Lamb; Stuart Hardy?; Brett Spencer?; Tanya Murray; 
    G; Kenneth Edwards

Front Row (sitting on ground):

  • B; Ben Eke?; Mark Fairweather; Stephen Pitson; Nicholas Cull; Philip Budd; Ben Westbrooke; Christopher Wheeler



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