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1987 ~ Class 3 Portsmouth Evening-A Rehearsal


In 1987 Class 3, Mr Rutter's class of 3rd Year Junior (Year 5) pupils visited Portsmouth on the 18th and 19th June with an overnight stay at the Youth Hostel.  Unfortunately no photographs appear to have survived of this trip.  However, a video recording was made of their rehearsal for an evening presentation to parents on 10th July.  The presentation was in four parts: 
  • A performance of music by King Henry VIII, the class had visited the remains of his flagship The Marie Rose, and the Youth Hostel incorporated parts of a house once owned by Catherine Parr, Henry's sixth and last wife.
  • A mummers play, a traditional entertainment that may well have been performed during Henry's reign.
  • A talk about the two days, illustrated with slides.
  • The performance of a musical work retelling the story of the Marie Rose.

We have included three excepts from this rehearsal - some Tudor music, the mummers' play and a few of the songs about the Marie Rose.  Please keep in mind this was an afternoon rehearsal, over 50 minutes long, in the middle of summer!

A recorder consort and a song by King Henry VIII






A Mummers' Play



Songs about the Marie Rose
(Please note, we had obtained performance rights for the original evening.  
Unfortunately we have since been unable to trace the music.  
We apologies for any performance infringements.)





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