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1988 ~ Class 3's Trip to Portsmouth - 1


Over the Summer Term 1988 Class 3 
followed the National Curriculum history study unit 'Ships and Seafarers'.  
To extend their understanding they undertook an overnight residential trip 
to Portsmouth on the 16th and 17th June, staying at the Youth Hostel.

Early morning and all are ready to leave.

Off we go in the coach, breaking the journey with a stop at the Devil's Punch Bowl.

First stop the Historic Dockyard and lunch 
under the watchful eye of Admiral Nelson.

Then a visit to HMS Victory....

... and Henry VIII's flagship the Mary Rose and its museum.

Before rejoining the coach we took a look at the iron-clad warship, 
HMS Warrior, and enjoyed the sun!

Then off to the Youth Hostel where, having had a busy day, 
we enjoyed our evening meal and a good night's rest.


Portsmouth '88 - 2


First uploaded: 6 March 2016