The BWI Archives

1989 ~ An Overview from the Log Book


The following 'overview' extracts from the School’s Log Books the following types of material:

  • That which directly affected the children and/or their parents (events, visits off site, visiting speakers, medical checks, services either in school or at St. Martin’s Ruislip, holidays, etc.)

  • Significant changes in staffing, in the main restricted to the Headteacher, the Deputy and those who had provided a long period of service.

  • Visitors that indirectly impacted on the management of the school and/or its educational practice – Local Authority Officers, Inspections, etc.

  • In-service courses undertaken by the Headteacher or other staff introducing significant educational initiatives.

  • Items that impacted on or resulted in changes to the School’s facilities.

Most entries in the Log Books have been lightly edited – expanding concise or abbreviated comments, etc.  Where entries have been copied without change, these are given in bold.  Editorial comments to ease comprehension or provide context are given in brackets and in italic.



Christmas Holiday: 21/12/1988 – 05/01/1989


During the holiday the wall supporting the patio outside the hall was rebuilt.




Staff Training Day. Personal, Social and Health Education policy formulated
(This followed on from the launch of the Local Authority Guidelines on this aspect of the National Curriculum, see 17th October 1988)


Mr Paul Packer commenced duties, having oversight of the teaching of Music
(Sue Lawlor, who had previously coordinated Music, left at the end of the previous term.)


Head & Deputy at Conference re Assessment & Testing
(Assessment and Testing, including Standard Assessment Tests/ Tasks, was a key component of the Government’s Education Reform agenda being introduced.)


Routine medical checks for Infants in the afternoon


7:30 ‘1st Year’ Evening for January admission parents
(An information evening to help parents understand how their children were being taught and the support they could provide in the formal learning process. This event was intended for those parents whose children had joined the school in January.)


Visit of Cllr Booth (chair Govs) and Mr Glazebrook (parent gov)


Routine medical checks for Infants in the afternoon


Class 6 (Year 3) visit to Museum of London


School closed to pupils for Staff Training Day.  Topic – Assessment & Testing
(See above, 17th January)


Ash Wednesday service in church for Classes 1-6
(The termly service at St Martin’s Church for the Junior children)




Half Term Holiday: 10/02/1989 – 19/02/1989




Class 4 (Year 4) to Planetarium


Mr R. Thomas (LA Safety Officer) in school re Road Safety instruction for all infants


Visit of Fr. J. Cleaver, Diocesan RE Adviser


1st Junior Lent Service
(Traditionally there were five weekly themed assemblies for both the Infants and the Juniors. Parents were invited to join the children on these occasions.  The services were usually led by the St Martin’s clergy.)


1st Infant Lent service


Governors’ Meeting to discuss policy on ‘Charges’
(The Government had introduced legislation on when schools might charge for various activities and materials provided by schools.  School Governing Bodies were each to formulate and publish their own policy on ‘Charging’ based on the legislation.)


Class 1 (Year 6) To Chiltern Open Air Museum


Open Evening
(Teacher-parent interviews to discuss mid-year progress.)


Parents’ Association ‘Cheese & Wine’ informal social event with a talk on Drugs


2nd Junior Lent Service


Class 6 (Year 3) to Verulamium


2nd Infant Lent Service


Routine medical checks for Juniors in the afternoon


3rd Junior Lent Service


3 half days for Infant curriculum leaders re National Curriculum
(Inservice training for the introduction of the National Curriculum)


3rd Infant Lent Service


Dance for Everyone p.m.


‘Red Nose Day’ – Comic Relief.  £535 raised


Ruislip Northwood Schools Netball Tournament
(The annual Primary Schools’ inter-school netball tournament.)


Class 2 (mixed Years 5 & 6) to Horniman Museum


‘Feast’ boxes began – lunch box facility for parents provided by LA
(With a decline in hot meal lunch purchases, and a rise in children bringing a packed lunch from home, the Local Authority School Meals Service was experimenting with an alternative provision.)


Dental check of whole school.


Visit of RE co-ordinator to Bishop Ramsey


Class 5 (mixed Years 3 & 4) to Planetarium


Junior Production rehearsal p.m.
(This was a Sunday afternoon.  Mr Rutter, who was producing the 1989 Year 6 production, often chose to carry out final rehearsals on a Sunday afternoon to facilitate the participation of all those involved without disrupting the rest of the school or curriculum time, while also giving more time than would normally be available on a weekday.)


Performances of Pilgrim’s Progress.  £120 donated to the Church Urban Fund
(The Year 6 annual production returned to the end of the Spring Term – see 21st July 1988.  The play had been written by a group of Year 6 pupils based on a reading of the book by John Bunyan and was performed ‘in the round’. There is a dedicated page in the archive)


Farewell to Fr. Richard Price
(A curate at St Martin’s Church)


End of Term Service 11 a.m.
(Traditionally all children attended this service held at St Martin’s Church)




Easter Holiday: 23/03/1989 – 10/04/1989




Staff Training Day – awareness exercise re attainment targets & Levels in National Curriculum
(There were a number of new concepts introduced with the National Curriculum.  This included a single system of naming year groups – Year 1 through to Year 13.  ‘Levels’ of assessed achievement more or less equated to two years of average progress, thus at the Primary stage, Level 2 was the expected norm for Year 2, Level 3 the norm for Year 4, and Level 4 for Year 6.  Over the years that followed succeeding Governments have raised their expectations of the levels children should achieve, laying on schools the requirement to target a greater proportion of Year 2 children reaching Level 3, and Year 6 pupils reaching Level 5 or even Level 6 - the norm for an average 15 year old!)


Routine medical checks for Juniors in the afternoon


Class 5 (mixed Year 3 & 4) Topic evening for parents


Ruislip Northwood schools 6-a-side soccer  BWI reached semifinals
(The annual Primary Schools’ inter-school football tournament)


Boys v Dads (9-8)
(The annual ‘friendly’ parents versus pupils football match)


Fire Drill School evacuated in 1 minute


Routine medical checks in the afternoon


School closed


Visit of Terry Mills Educational Zoologist
(The annual visit of Terry Mills, see 5th July 1984)


Two day input by LA re NC Maths for Co-ordinator & Head & DH
(The Local Authority provided a number of subject-related events to support the introduction of the National Curriculum.  On this occasion the school’s Mathematics Coordinator, Dennis Knowles and Philip Rutter attended two days devoted to reviewing the expected content in the primary maths curriculum.)


Head, Head Infants & Science Co-ordinator absent on preparation for Science in NC
(A similar event to that of 3rd – 4th May attended by Dennis Knowles, Daphne Channing and Gerry Elliott considering the science curriculum requirements.)


St Martin’s May fair - £100 raised at School stall
(The teaching staff long continued to run a stall at the St Martin’s Fair.)


RE Co-ordiantor absent on RE in N.C.
(See above, 3rd – 4th May.  As a Church school, there would have been an expectation that the diocesan programmes of study would be used.  However BWI sometimes chose to follow its own path, remarked on a number of times by diocesan inspectors – see for example the Inspection Reports for 1962!  Later the content of Religious Education was to be strongly influenced by local ‘Standing Advisory Councils for Religious Education’, SACREs)


Deputy Head, Head Infants and Language Co-ordinator absent for Enlish in N.C.
(See above, 3rd-4th May.  On this occasion Philip Rutter, Daphne Channing and the school's English co-ordinator were considering the English requirements.)


School Fête opened by Simon Parkin £3000 profit


SJ Evening
(Preparation evening for parents of Year 6 children going on School Journey to Derbyshire in June)


Presentation & farewell to Fr Gabb-Jones
(A curate at St Martin’s Church)


Class 5 (mixed Years 3 & 4) to St Paul’s


Mr Glazebrook (Governor) in school all day


Non uniform day. £160 raised for research into Asthma & Eczema




Half Term Holiday: 27/05/1989 – 04/06/1989




Simon Bennet won Ruislip Northwood Schools Gymnastics Competition


Kidscape Evening for Reception & 1st Year Junior parents
(The school had introduced a programme used with pupils to raise their consciousness of what was appropriate behaviour from adults and ways in which they could report any concerns they might have. An annual evening was held with the relevant parents to outline the programme and review teaching materials.  See 5th February and 21st & 26th April 1988)


School Journey to Derbyshire – 43 children 2 staff, 3 parents
(The Year 6 week long residential trip to Derbyshire)


Lunch time fire drill


Class 4 (Year 4) to St Paul’s


Return of School Journey – highly successful


The Parents’ Association held a car-based Treasure Hunt


Cycling Proficiency course began 3-4:30 p.m.


1:45 p.m. Junior Sports


APM 8 p.m. 59 parents 9 staff and Chief Adviser
(The Governors’ Annual Parents’ Meeting. No doubt the Chief Adviser was invited to attend to give a Local Authority perspective on the introduction of the National Curriculum.  Governors were required to publish a report on their activities and hold a meeting to present the report.  The requirement has since been repealed.)


School closed for 2 days preparation for National Curriculum


Visit of Bishop Ramsey 1st Year Tutors to meet their next intake.
(A visit to see children in Year 6 as part of the secondary transfer familiarisation process)


Visit of Preb J. Osborne – Diocesan Director of Schools


Internal gymnastic competition


The Parents’ Association held a barbecue


Area athletics – BWI came 2nd
(The Ruislip and Northwood inter-schools district sports.)


Eucharist in school – arrival of Fr. Victor Sackey & Fr Peter Eagles
(The termly service in school for Junior children only.  As noted this marked the arrival of two new curates at St Martin’s Church)


Class 4 (Year 4) to Greenwich


8W (Year 2) to Kings College Fields for picnic


8S (Year 2) to Syon Park Butterfly House


Routine medical checks in the afternoon


Cricket v Dads.  Boys won by 1 wicket
(The annual ‘friendly’ parents versus school match.)


Infant Sports
(There is a single photograph in the archive)


4th Year children to Bishop Ramsey for induction day
(Part of the secondary transfer familiarisation process for Year 6)


p.m. September intake
(A familiarisation event for new children and their parents prior to the children starting school in September.)


School Journey evening
(An annual follow-up from the Year 6 residential to Derbyshire was a report on the trip from the children to their parents supported by slides and other relevant material.)


Visit of Dr Potton re special needs
(Dr Arthur Potton was the Local Authority’s senior educational psychologist.  He would have visited to assess and/or discuss the needs of a specific child.)


Rounders v parents
(The annual ‘friendly’ parents versus school match.)


Open evenings
(Teacher-parent interviews to discuss end of year progress.)


Cycling Proficiency tests 30 passed 5 failed


Coach load of staff, parents & children to see ‘Cats’
(A visit to an Andrew Lloyd-Webber musical, based on T.S. Eliot’s ‘Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats’, then performing in the West End)


Music Evening for parents.  £94 donated for musical instruments.
(There are two photographs of the choir at this event in the archive)


Cricket team played Harlyn at Uxbridge Cricket Festival.  Lost


11 a.m. End of Term service
(Traditionally all children attended this service held at St Martin’s Church)




Summer Holiday: 27/07/1989 – 04/09/1989


During August the Junior playground was resurfaced, the bank adjoining drained and the 9 classroom block received ‘strip’ lighting.
(The ‘9 classroom block’ must apply to all the classrooms in the main building, then being converted to fluorescent tubes.)




9:30 mass for staff & Governors
(The traditional start of the school year service in St Martin’s Church.  All associated with the school were welcome to attend.)


p.m. fire Fighting training for staff led by the Borough Fire Safety Officer
(Since this involved practical work in the form of discharging a range of extinguishers, this was greatly enjoyed by the staff at the time!)


Head & Chairman of governors at LA meeting 7:30 p.m.
(The first meeting set up by the Local Authority to bring together regularly the Chairs of Governing Bodies and schools’ Headteachers.  The main purpose was to disseminate relevant information that would need to be considered by Governing Bodies during the course of that term.)


The Parents’ Association’s Annual General Meeting - Mr Terry Foote re‑elected chairman


Toy Fayre - £175.29
(The annual Toy Fayre where children donated toys they no longer wanted or had outgrown; other children could then purchase these, with the proceeds supporting various school activities.)


Mass for St Francis festival
(The termly service in school for Junior children only)


8 p.m. School Journey meeting
(A pre-trip preparation evening for parents of children in Year 6 going to Bath later in the term.)


The Parents’ Association held a Square Dance


Open Evening 6-9 p.m.
(Teacher-parent interviews to discuss work over the coming year.)


8 p.m. Church School Heads & Governors meeting at St Matthew’s School re LMS
(Prior to the 1990’s the majority of state schools were given an allowance for basic materials, their ‘capitation’ since it was based on the number of pupils on roll. The staff were paid by the local authority, who also controlled how many would be employed by each school. Similarly, works to the buildings were either controlled and paid for entirely by the Local Authority or, in the case of voluntary aided schools, the Local Authority for the internal decoration and the local diocese for the external building works including new builds.  An aspect of the Education Reform Act 1988 was the intention to delegate the funding for staff and the ‘tenant’ elements of buildings to schools. This was to allow the ‘Local Management of Schools’ = LMS.  This gave schools a significant level of freedom from the control of the Local Authority.)


School closed for Staff Training Day – subject staff assessment & recording of children’s progress.


7:30 p.m. 1st Year Evening for Sept intake parents
(An information evening to help parents understand how their children were being taught and the support they could provide in the formal learning process. This event was intended for those parents whose children had joined the school in September.)


55 children, 2 staff & 4 parents to Bath Youth Hostel
(The Year 6 autumn term residential trip to Bath and a focus on the Georgian period.  To date no photographs have come to light, but some material related to the trip is in the archive)


Class 2 Third Year Juniors to John Soane Museum
(Only the Year 5 children in this mixed age group class; the Year 6 children were in Bath)


Class 6 (Year 3) to Greenwich


Routine medical checks in the afternoon




Half Term Holiday: 21/10/1989 – 29/10/1989


James Silverman, 4th Year Junior, died of a brain haemorrhage on Friday 27th October
(This was a traumatic event in the life of the school and of Year 6 in particular, James having been part of the residential trip to Bath the previous week.)




Fire drill – school evacuated in 50 seconds


Class 3 (Year 5) to Osterley House


Funeral of James Sliverman


Martinmass Fair - £58 raised at School stall
(The annual St Martin’s fundraising Fayre. The teaching staff long continued to run a stall at the St Martin’s Fayre.)


Photographs of whole school
(Individual and family photographs.  Prior to 1988 the annual Staff photograph had been taken in the autumn.  For the school year 1988‑89 the photograph was taken on the same day as the Year 6 leavers’ photograph, probably in June 1989. Thus the 1989‑90 Staff photograph was held over to June 1990.)


Poppies sold in school - £65 raised
(In aid of the Royal British Legion’s annual appeal.)


7:30 p.m. ‘National Curriculum’ evening for parents
(The National Curriculum would have determined the school’s teaching plans from the start of the autumn term 1989.  This information evening was designed to show parents the ways in which the curriculum had changed.)


Head absent on LMS course
(See above 12th October)


Classes 1-6 in church for Martinmass service
(The termly service for the Junior classes at St Martin’s Church, Ruislip)


7:30 p.m. ‘Ourselves’ films shown to 3rd / 4th Year Junior parents in preparation for topic
(A Health Education project, including a unit on reproduction, was taught every other year to all of Years 5 & 6.  The films that referred directly to reproduction, birth and puberty were shown to parents in advance of being seen by their children in the spring term.  See 2nd December 1985 and 23rd November 1987)


Parents & children of the January 1990 intake in school in the afternoon
(A familiarisation event for new children and their parents prior to the children starting school.)


Memorial service for James Silverman
(See above, 27th October)


School closed at 2 p.m. to allow staff preparation for next term.
(Given the significant additional time required for both teacher discussion and subject planning in order to introduce the National Curriculum, the school put in place a shortened afternoon each term to support this work.)


8 p.m. Secondary allocation meeting for 4th Year Junior parents
(Dennis Knowles held a meeting with parents annually to ensure they understood the secondary selection procedure and their part in it.)


Interviews with parents 1:30 – 9 p.m. re Secondary Allocation
(To support the school allocation process Dennis Knowles held interviews with parents of children who would transfer to secondary schools in July 1990.)


Parents’ Association Christmas fair in school hall 3 p.m.
(This was a sale of small ‘stocking fillers’, Christmas cards, wrapping paper and the like and intended for parents, NOT children!)


The Parents’ Association held a Dance in the evening


Visit of Fr. J. Cleaver Diocesan RE Advisor


p.m. Nativity performance to the school


Performances of Nativity for parents
(There is a single picture from this event in the archive)


Junior Miscellany
(A traditional mix of music, poetry and prose)


£115 sent to each of
- Children’s society
- Helen House Hospice &
- Quest for a Test


Infant Party


Choir sang at St Vincent’s
(The choir was encouraged to make Christmas visits to St Vincent’s and several local Homes.)


Staff & governors Christmas Dinner
(An annual Christmas lunch for staff to which School Governors and local clergy were also invited.)


a.m. Instrumental ensemble for Juniors
(Probably a recital provided by the Borough’s peripatetic music teachers)


Choir to Barringer’s Court & Wallis House


Staff dinner at the Ethorpe Hotel Gerrads X
(A staff evening social event)


End of term service in school 11 a.m.
(All the children, Infants and Juniors, attended this end of term Carol Service. That it took place in the school hall suggests that the weather was not suitable for the walk to St Martin’s Church, the traditional venue.)


Mrs Cooper, Mrs Dewing & Mrs Harrild all began maternity leave.




Christmas Holiday: 21/12/1989 – 03/01/1990



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