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1991 ~ Diamond Jubilee Class Photographs


To celebrate the school's Diamond Jubilee it would appear that Mr Knowles commissioned professional photographs of each year group 
to be taken in the summer term.
Unfortunately the day or days on which these were taken 
is not recorded in the Log Book.  That the Reception, Year 1 and Year 3 
appear outdoors, while Years 2 and 5 were in the hall 
suggests they were photographed on different days.

Currently we lack photographs for the 
Second and Fourth Year Juniors (Years 4 and 6).

(Click on a photograph to open an enlargement)


The children with (left to right) 
Mrs Stevens, Miss Sawyer, Mr Knowles, Mrs Wood and Mrs Channing

First Year Infants (Year 1)

The children with (left to right) 
Mrs Stevens, Mr Knowles, Miss Sawyer and Mrs Channing

Second Year Infants (Year 2)

The children with (left to right) 
Mrs Chalk, Mr Knowles and Mrs Jones

First Year Juniors (Year 3)

The children with (left to right) 
Mrs Boylan, ?, Mr Knowles and Mrs Hardman

Third Year Juniors (Year 5)

The children with (left to right) 
Mr Elliott, Mr Packer, Mr Knowles and Mrs Rollin


Back Row:

  • Mark Jamieson | Caroline Leppard | Suzanne Hopkins | Claire James | Jhoti Bhatia | 
    Walsh | Claudia Till | Sebastian Walsh

Fourth Row:

  • Mr Gerry Elliott | Mr Paul Packer |  Samantha Marks | Stephen Walker | James Quiller |
    Matthew Brown | Emma Guirey | David Gutteridge | Eve Keys | Amy Smith | 
    Timothy Ivatts| Graeme Wright | Joanne? Callen | Mr Dennis Knowles | Mrs Alison Rollin

  Third Row:

  • Michael Chamberlain | Matthew Ross | Sarah Green | Simon Blake | Simon Tsang | Lucy Kaplan | Stuart Mills | B | Shane Lindley | B | Rebecca Gibson | Gareth Hooper | Rohan Chindooroy

Second Row (sitting):

  • Ian Pye-Beraet | B | Keir Mallen | Jonathan Henton | Neil Spencer | G |
    Rachel Coker | Karen Palmer | George Kelly | William Ma | Jamie Gandee

Front Row:

  • Christopher Livingston | Stephanie Hawkes | Emma Fellowes | Donna Masters |




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