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1991 ~ The Diamond Jubilee - 1


The story of the school's celebration of its Diamond Jubilee
starts early in 1991.
The local papers carry advertisements and articles 
to alert past pupils and staff of the impending events

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The school's internal celebration of its Diamond Jubilee 
was held on the 15th July.

As with the Golden Jubilee ten years earlier, 
the day started with a service of rededication at St Martin's.
Unfortunately the local bishop, the Bishop of Willesden, was not able to be present.
But fortunately the Bishop of Fulham, the Right Rev'd John Klyberg,
 was able the school on that day.
The school also welcomed Fr. Ken Toovey who had played such a key role 
in supporting the school in the 1970's and early 1980's.

Near the start of the service Fr Toovey 
made a surprise presentation to Mr Knowles.

After the service the Bishop met each of the classes as they left the church .... 

... and later went back to the school.
As well as visiting all the classes, he clearly enjoyed a joke or two with Mr Knowles!


Diamond Jubilee - 2


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