The BWI Archives

1992 ~ An Overview from the Log Book


The following 'overview' extracts from the School’s Log Books the following types of material:

  • That which directly affected the children and/or their parents (events, visits off site, visiting speakers, medical checks, services either in school or at St. Martin’s Ruislip, holidays, etc.)

  • Significant changes in staffing, in the main restricted to the Headteacher, the Deputy and those who had provided a long period of service.

  • Visitors that indirectly impacted on the management of the school and/or its educational practice – Local Authority Officers, Inspections, etc.

  • In-service courses undertaken by the Headteacher or other staff introducing significant educational initiatives.

  • Items that impacted on or resulted in changes to the School’s facilities.

Most entries in the Log Books have been lightly edited – expanding concise or abbreviated comments, etc.  Where entries have been copied without change, these are given in bold.  Editorial comments to ease comprehension or provide context are given in brackets and in italic.



Christmas Holiday: 20/12/1991 – 06/01/1992




Head and Chairman of Governors meeting at Abbotsfield
(Regular termly meetings for Headteachers with their respective Chair of Governors. These meetings were designed to disseminate relevant information that would need to be considered by Governing Bodies.)


Visit of Allan Jones Inspector re Special Needs audit
(Allan Jones was a Local Authority Advisor. At this time the Local Authority was carrying out an audit of special Needs provision across all its schools.)


Visit of Dr Potton, Ed Psych
(Arthur Potton was the Local Authority Educational Psychologist.  He would have visited to carry out an assessment of educational need for a specific child and provide advice to the school.)


Visit of Steve White LDBS Building Officer
(A representative from the London Diocesan Board for Schools which had responsibility for the external fabric of the school.)


Fire drill.  School evacuated in 50 seconds


7:30 p.m. Year 5 & Year 6 parents invited to view 4 films re ‘Ourselves’ topic
(A Health Education project, including a unit on reproduction, was taught every other year to all of Years 5 & 6.  The films that referred directly to reproduction, birth and puberty were shown to parents in advance of being seen by their children later in the spring term.  See 2nd December 1985 and 23rd November 1987)


Classes 5 (mixed Years 3 & 4) & 6 (Year 3) to Verulamium
(The remains of the roman town at St Albans, Hertfordshire)


Lunch time fire drill


Fr John Cleaver (LDBS Inspector) in school a.m.
(The Inspector from the London Diocesan Board for Schools)


9 a.m. Candlemass for Classes 1-6
(The termly service in school for Junior children only)


Local Authority inspectors looking at numeracy in Year 4
(The Local Authority was looking at the quality of mathematics teaching across its schools in relation to the introduction of the National Curriculum.)


Visit of Local Authority surveyor re ramps around school
(This would be to put in place measures that met statutory requirements with regard to accessibility for disabled pupils.  The visit of Mr White on the 21st January may have been for a similar reason, since there was significant concern nationally about appropriate provision for children with a range of special needs.)


Year 2 teachers on SAT training
(The Year 2 Standard Attainment Tests – the original word, ‘Tasks’, was quickly supplanted – were first taken by seven year olds in 1991. While Dennis Knowles noted a meeting with parents in the Log Book, see 13th April 1991, he made no mention of the tests taking place.  There had been a significant overexpectation by the writers of the 1991 tests of what a seven year old could cope with, so there were radical changes put in place for the 1992 tests.)


School closed for staff training.  Cross curricular themes, maths, the Children Act and LOGO
(A variety of themes related to new statutory requirements.  The ‘Cross Curricular Themes’ were subjects in the National Curriculum that were not themselves statutory, but expected to be taught within the context of other subjects – Information and Communications Technology was one such subject at this time.  LOGO is an educational version of BASIC computer programming language used by schools.)


7:30 ‘Reception Evening’ for parents of ‘R’ children
(An information evening to help parents understand how their children were being taught and the support they could provide in the formal learning process. This event was intended for those parents whose children had joined the school in January.)


Children from Pannal (47) arrived to stay with our 4th Year Junior (Year 6) children – second part of the exchange begun last October.
(Dennis Knowles’ son taught at Pannal Junior School. The ‘exchange’ with Pannal first took place in February 1990.)


Pannal children left – very successful visit




Half Term Holiday: 22/02/1992 – 01/03/1992




‘Book Fair’ week began
(A display of children’s books mounted by a local or national supplier and available for purchase.)


Open Evening
(Teacher-parent interviews to discuss mid-year progress.)


Ash Wednesday mass for Classes 1-6
(Traditionally the Ash Wednesday service was held in St Martin’s Church.  It was for the Junior children only.)


Readings of stories to all classes by John Woodnutt as part of ‘Book Fair’ week
(The actor John Woodnutt had a long association with the school.  In the 1970’s he had written and acted in a series of ‘radio’ adventure stories prepared for the school to use in its Junior Lent Assemblies.)


Infant Lent Service 1
(Traditionally there were five weekly themed assemblies for both the Infants and the Juniors. Parents were invited to join the children on these occasions.  The services were usually led by the St Martin’s clergy.)


Junior Lent Service 1


All electrical equipment tested
(The first mention of the school complying with Health and Safety legislation that required the periodic testing of all portable electrical appliances.)


End of book week.  A ‘dressing up’ day in fictional characters.  £160 collected for UNICEF project in Mexico.  Over £1500 worth of books purchased by parents.
(There is a copy of the press cutting relating to this event in the archive)


The Parents’ Association held a quiz evening


All school dental inspection


Mr David Rennie CBE showed a video of his award to Year 5 & Year 6.


Infant Lent 2


Junior Lent 2


Year 5 & Year 6 to Natural History & Victoria & Albert Museums


p.m. Summer Term intake.  
(A familiarisation event for new children and their parents prior to the children starting school.  BWI appears to have first admitted children at the start of the summer term the preceding year, see 8th March 1991.)


Infant Lent 3


Ruislip Northwood schools 6-a-side soccer competition
(The annual Primary Schools’ inter-school football tournament)


Junior Lent 3.


p.m. early closure for planning
(Given the significant additional time required for both teacher discussion and subject planning in order to introduce the National Curriculum, the school put in place a shortened afternoon each term to support this work.)


Infant Lent 4


Ruislip Northwood schools netball rally
(The annual Primary Schools’ inter-school netball tournament.)


Junior Lent 4


Performances of Junior production of ‘Rats’ 7:30 p.m.
(Currently there is a single photograph from this Year 6 production in the archive.)


Infant Lent 5


School team v Dads at soccer – 6-5 to school
(The annual ‘friendly’ parents versus pupils football match)


Junior Lent 5


7:30 SAT evening for Year 2 parents
(See above 7th February)


Year 5 IOW School Journey meeting 8 p.m.
(Preparation evening for parents of Year 5 children going to the Isle of Wight for a 3-day residential in May)


End of term service in church 11 a.m.
(Traditionally all children attended this service held at St Martin’s Church)


£246 sent to UNICEF work in Mexico




Easter Holiday: 11/04/1992 – 26/04/1992




Meeting with LA re grounds contract
(Whereas previously the Local Authority had maintained the school grounds, as a result of the delegations of funding to schools and the implementation of Compulsory Competitive Tendering – CCT, see 13th March 1991 – the school now needed to enter into a contract for its grounds maintenance.  The Local Authority was initially proactive in carrying out this work, though later most schools found alternative providers.)


Chairman of Governors & Heads meet Director
(See 13th January)


Class 4 (Year 4) to Docklands
(This included a trip to Greenwich; there is a single photograph in the archive)


Ruislip Methodist Flower Festival
(The school may have contributed a display to this festival)


St Martin’s May Fair – school stall raised £55
(The staff long continued to run a stall at the St Martin’s Fair.)


Closed for May day


Closed for Staff Training – appraisal


Class 5 (mixed Year 3 & 4) to Docklands
(This included a trip to Greenwich; there is a single photograph in the archive)


62 Year 5 children, 2 staff, 5 parents to IOW for 3 days


Class 6 (Year 3 ) to Docklands
(This included a trip to Greenwich; there is a single photograph in the archive)


Memorial Service for Bill Mudge MBE, Governor, at St Martin’s Acton
(Bill Mudge had long been an active member of the school’s Governing Body)


Return of IOW Journey


School Fête
(There is a single photograph in the archive)


9:15 Mass in church for Classes 1-6 – St Matthias
(The termly service in St Martin’s Church, for Junior children only)


Terry Mills Educational Zoologist in all day.
(The annual visit of Terry Mills, see 5th July 1984)


p.m. Class 1 (Year 6) to the Barn for Safety exhibition
(This would be Ruislip’s Great Barn on Bury Street)


7:30 p.m. ‘Kidscape’ for new parents
(The school had introduced a programme used with pupils to raise their consciousness of what was appropriate behaviour from adults and ways in which they could report any concerns they might have. An annual evening was held with the relevant parents to outline the programme and review teaching materials.  See 5th February and 21st & 26th April 1988)


Non Uniform day.  £150 sent to NSPCC
(National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children)




Half Term Holiday: 23/05/1992 – 31/05/1992


1st ‘French club’ held 9:30 – 10:30 a.m.
(The school had let its premises to an organisation providing French language lessons for children on a Saturday morning.)




Cycling Proficiency week 37 passed, 6 failed.


School Journey Year 6 meeting in preparation for Derbyshire
(Preparation evening for parents of Year 6 children going on School Journey to Derbyshire in June)


Photographs of reception, leavers, teams & staff
(We have only been able to acquire pictures of the reception children and the staff for the archive.)


7J (Year 2) to Uxbridge visiting an optician
(Presumably as part of a local studies or ‘people who care for us’ topic)


p.m. Gymnastic display for parents postponed from Fête


Visit of Haydon 1st Year tutor to meet next intake
(A visit to see children in Year 6 who would be transferring to Haydon Secondary School as part of the secondary transfer familiarisation process)


Visit of Bishop Ramsey Deputy Head to see next intake
(A visit to see children in Year 6 who would be transferring to Bishop Ramsey Secondary School as part of the secondary transfer familiarisation process)


CE Chairman of Governors & Heads met with diocesan Director of Education re GM issues
(A meeting for church schools in the Diocese of London to consider the Government’s provision of Grant Maintained status.  This would allow schools that converted to being Grant Maintained to have their funds directly delegated from the government, providing more money but greater financial responsibilities.)


Ruislip Northwood schools athletics at Hayes stadium.  BWI came 3rd.
(The Ruislip and Northwood inter-schools district sports.)


Class 6 (Year 3) to Kew Gardens


Funeral of Mr Joe Brion – our Father Christmas for 21 years.
(Mr Brion had donated a chalice for the school’s use at the Candlemass service in 1990, see 2nd February 1990)


Visit of Pauline Hoey, Inspector


8 p.m. APM – 69 parents plus staff & Governors
(The Governors’ Annual Parents’ Meeting. Governors were required to publish a report on their activities and hold a meeting to present the report.  The requirement has since been repealed.)


Y6 School Journey to Derbyshire – 48 children, 3 staff, 4 parents
(The Year 6 week long residential trip to Derbyshire. Unfortunately no photographs of the trip have yet come to light.)


Class 5 (mixed Years 5 & 6) to Kew Gardens


Mr N. Dicks, Safety Adviser, in school


SJ return


p.m. September intake in school
(A familiarisation event for new children and their parents prior to the children starting school in September.)


Induction days at Haydon, Bishop Ramsey & Queensmead for Year 6 pupils
(A visit for children in Year 6 as part of the secondary transfer familiarisation process. This was a single day at the appropriate school. It became regular practice in the Local Authority to coordinate these events so that they all took place on the same day)


Ken Dalston, puppeteer, gave 2 performances to Infants


Early closure for planning
(See 23rd March)


All full time children took home reports
(The annual written report for parents on their child’s progress over the past year)


District Rounders tournament at Ruislip Gardens
(The annual Ruislip and Northwood inter-schools rounders tournament)


Mass in school to welcome Fr Peter Homewood
(The termly service in school for Junior children only. Fr Peter Homewood joined the St Martin’s parish as curate, leaving in 1996 to become Rector of St Mary’s Hayes until his untimely death in 2015.)


Open evenings
(Teacher-parent interviews to discuss end of year progress.)


Junior Sports – new format


The Parents’ Association held a barbecue at Ruislip Manor Sports Club


Visit of Architect & LBDS Building engineer re future of kitchen area
(With the cessation of a hot meals service at the end of the spring term the previous year – see 13th March 1991 – the school was considering converting the kitchen into a teaching area.)


Music Evenings
(Unfortunately no photographs from the evenings have been located)


11 a.m. End of Term service
(Traditionally all children attended this service held at St Martin’s Church)


£150 donated by Parents at Music evenings.

£80 sent to Ruislip Christian Council for Handicapped Holiday week.




Summer Holiday: 25/07/1992 – 08/09/1992


During August repair / maintenance work took place on the classroom on the Infant playground, the school roof and exterior doors.

Thermostats were fitted to radiators in admin block and entrance hall.  An isolating value was added to the heating system to cut out the Junior block.  The Junior corridor library area and Classes 5 & 6 were decorated.


Mr Reg Jennings, former headmaster from 1957 – 71, died on August 18th aged 86.




Mass for Governors & Staff at 9:30 a.m.
(The traditional start of the school year service in St Martin’s Church.  All associated with the school were welcome to attend.)


Mrs Hoey, Inspector, gave an input on ‘whole school planning’ p.m.


Head’s conference re ‘white paper’
(The 1992 White paper ‘Choice and Diversity’ paved the way for the 1993 Education Act, which dealt with, amongst other things, the funding of Grant Maintained schools, pupil exclusions, Special Needs, ‘failing schools’ and restructured the organisations that were responsible for the National Curriculum and its assessment.)


Deanery Heads / Chairmen met re ‘white paper’

(See 10th September)


Michaelmass in school for Classes 1-6
(The termly service in school for Junior children only)


The Parents’ Association’s Annual General Meeting - Mr G. Taylor re-elected chairman


Toy Fair - £180 raised
(The annual Toy Fayre where children donated toys they no longer wanted or had outgrown; other children could then purchase these, with the proceeds supporting various school activities.)


Open Evening 6-9 p.m.
(Teacher-parent interviews to discuss work over the coming year.)


Robert Potton presented with £110 – sponsorship re his pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella


Head and Secretary at meeting re ‘Cheque Book’ LMS
(Local Management of Schools was continuing to be rolled out, see 9th March 1990.  Not all schools were given direct ‘cheque book’ access to their budgets at the same time, payments still needing to be processed by the Local Authority.  This was probably a training session prior to the school setting up its own bank account for its delegated budget and permitted to write its own cheques.)


The Parents’ Association held a ‘Food and Music Evening’ in the school hall.


Year 5 & Year 6 at Planetarium


Fire drill.  School evacuated in 1 minute


Non uniform day £210 donated to ‘Save the Children’ fund


8 p.m. Secondary Allocation meeting for parents
(Dennis Knowles held a meeting annually with parents of children in Year 6 to ensure they understood the secondary selection procedure and their part in it.)


Staff Training Day – Assessment (a.m.) and Music in the National Curriculum (p.m.)




Half Term Holiday: 24/10/1992 – 02/11/1992




Staff Training Day – PE a.m.; Art p.m.


Poppies on sale - £76.46 raised
(In aid of the Royal British Legion’s annual appeal.)


Whole school photographed a.m.
(Individual and family photographs.)


Class 4 (Year 4) to Hayward Gallery


Martinmass Fair – school stall raised £68
(The annual St Martin’s fundraising Fayre. The staff long continued to run a stall at the St Martin’s Fayre.)


Bishop Ramsey lower school maths co-ordinators meeting Year 6 teachers.
(It is probable that BWI’s Year 6 teachers joined with those from other primary schools at Bishop Ramsey to consider the interface between the primary and secondary maths curriculums.)


Visit of Steve White (Diocesan Buildings Officer) & Jeff Edwards (Diocesan Adviser) re kitchen
(See 21st January and 20th July)


Classes 1-6 in church for Martinmass 9:15 p.m.
(The termly service for the Junior classes at St Martin’s Church, Ruislip)


After school training on ‘Appraisal’ for staff
(A number of sessions were held to prepare teaching staff for the introduction of their annual appraisal)


p.m. January Intake & parents in school
(A familiarisation event for new children and their parents prior to the children starting school in January 1993.)


After school training on ‘Appraisal’ for staff


Parents’ Association Christmas fair 3 p.m.
(This was a sale of small ‘stocking fillers’, Christmas cards, wrapping paper and the like and intended for parents, NOT children!)


Fr Ingham & Head meeting parents who had been refused places
(BWI was usually unable to offer all parents who applied, a place for their child at the school.  Parents could appeal against this decision.  As the school was Voluntary Aided, it was the responsibility of the Governors to convene a panel, listen to, consider and make a decision on a parent’s appeal.)


2 p.m. School closed for planning
(See above 23rd March)


Life Education Centre at the school for 3 days.  All classes experienced the input on ‘the body and drugs’
(The London Borough of Hillingdon had funded a ‘Life Bus’, a trailer that was fitted out with Health Education teaching materials appropriate to primary children.  A class could sit reasonably comfortably in the trailer for a lesson given by one of the Local Authority staff. Schools had a degree of choice concerning the subject matter to be covered.)


Friends of St Martin’s presented with £160 – ‘2p Trail’ result


2:30 p.m. Nativity for parents
(There is a single photograph from this event in the archive)


6:30 p.m. Nativity for parents


Parents’ Association Supper Dance in the church Hall


Junior Miscellany to parents 7:30 p.m.
(A traditional mix of music, poetry and prose)


Infant party


Staff Christmas party 8 p.m.


Christmas cards sent to local shops


Christmas lunch – staff & Govs
(An annual Christmas lunch for staff to which School Governors and local clergy were also invited. Given the lack of a hot meal service in school, it is likely that, as in 1991, this took the form of a buffet.)


Choir singing at Boyne House and St Vincent’s Hospital
(The choir was encouraged to make Christmas visits to St Vincent’s and several local Homes.)


Barnardos presented with £80 at assembly


Choir sang at Barringer’s Court and Youth Centre


Choir sang at Fairfield House


p.m. String ensemble played for Juniors
(A recital provided by a group drawn from the Local Authority peripatetic teachers.)


End of term service in church
(All the children, Infants and Juniors, attended this end of term Carol Service at St Martin’s Church.)


£80 sent to each of Church of England Children’s Society and Peter Pan Ward, Hillingdon Hospital




Christmas Holiday: 19/12/1992 – 04/01/1993



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