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1993 ~ Farewell Mr Knowles! - 1


The summer term 1993 and after 22 years as Headteacher, 
Mr Knowles made the decision to retire.

So many people wanted to say 'Thank You' and 'Farewell'

Cllr. George Booth, the school's Chair of Governors,
was Mayor and was able to arrange a reception 
in Hillingdon's Mayor's Parlour on the 23rd July. 

While back at school parents showed their appreciation
on the 2nd July at their Bar-B-Q. 

The staff - present and past - had an opportunity to say "Goodbye" 
in a beautifully decorated hall on the 24th July


Farewell Mr Knowles - 2


First uploaded: 7 March 2016
Last updated: 6 June 2016