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1999 ~ School Teams


There are a large number of Team photographs in the school's collection 
with no indication of date but were clearly all taken at the same time.
However, the picture of the Girl's Football Team with cup and medals
relates to their success in the Metropolitan 5-a-side in 1999, so we may safely associate all these pictures, taken in the hall against a blue curtain, with that year.

We have included all the photographs in the collection.
In some cases these are various configurations of the same participants, 
in others the same teams are shown with and without 
medals, shields and cups won during the year.

We would appreciate corrections and / or further information.


Mr Gerry Elliott with what are possibly Athletics Teams

Mr Gerry Elliott with the Football Teams

Mr Gerry Elliott with the Girls' Football Team

The Girls were winners in the Metropolitan Police 5-a-side Competition.

Mrs Jean Neilson with the Netball Teams
We do not have information on the nature of their match successes.

Mr Gerry Elliott with the Athletics Team
BWI was the winning school in the 1999 District Sports



First uploaded: 3 May 2016